February 2018

February was a beautiful month in which we could work for the Lord and His Kingdom. We had the opportunity to organize an outreach with some Romanian preachers. Our youth and the choir praised the Lord with songs on that event. There were unsaved people from the community for whom we pray to be touched by the Holy Spirit…

December 2017

A few months ago a sister in the Lord asked us to pray for a baby 18 months old who has brain cancer. We prayed with the church and at the prayer circles for this baby and for its parents. This month the baby’s grandmother started to come to the prayer circle first and later to our services.

October 2017

I praise and glorify God for His wonderful everyday care. At the beginning of the month I took part in the outreach in Rakitna village where two days I gave spiritual conciliation to the people who came to be checked by the doctors-volunteers. I talked to around 70 people. More than half of them didn’t have a personal relation with God. I pray for them to be transformed by God.