Teenagers camp at the church


2 Corinthians 2: 14 - “Thanksgiving to God, who always gives us triumph in Christ and the fragrance of knowledge of Himself, extends us in the whole place.

1. Christian Day Camp:

The first week of this month in our church was held a day camp for children from 5 to 10 years old, before lunch, and for adults after lunch. In this camp were the children of unbelieving parents from the village. Our young people from our church prepared diligently for this ministry. The rest supported by prayer. There were so many beautiful and blessed moments when the Lord worked with us. I pray that the Lord through these children and adolescents work with their families and that the word of God is heard in their houses. Because the Word of God has the power to change hearts.

2. Blessing children:

I participated in the ministry of the blessing of a child, one young family. The blessing of the boy David. In this ministry, the children of the Sunday school congratulated the parents through songs, poems, and blessed the newborn.

3. Thanksgiving:

Thank you so much for your help and for cooperating with us in the field of God here in Ukraine. You are a great blessing to us, and a great help in serving in Ukraine. Love and pray for you.

4. Prayer needs:

- Pray with us for the service that will be on Sunday in our church. We will have baptism.

- Pray for the youth camp, missions of the PIE Ukraine, which will be at the end of the month and for the teenagers who were in our camp in Tarasevtsy last week, for the Lord to touch their hearts.

Regards Gortopan Mihai pastor, missionary of the PIE Ukraine mission.

Evangelization in the Philarmonic Hall


Peace of God, brothers and sisters, I thank God always for you and pray for you that the Lord bless you both spiritually and materially and that He will fulfill all your needs.

1. Evangelism:

- Since our church prayed, and not only our church but also all Romanian churches from the region, about evangelism which was held on June 23 in the city of Chernivtsi, in the Philarmonic Hall. A group of brothers and sisters arrived with a brass band from Chicago, USA, and a brother pastor Valentin Popovich who preached the Word of God to this evangelization. Our church organized well for this evangelism, inviting many unbelievers, and arranging transportation to take them to Chernivtsi, to evangelism. It is 50 km from our village. We pray that the Lord will touch the hearts of those unbelievers that were on this evangelism.

2. Nursing Conference:

-Our sisters had an excellent opportunity to attend, at the beginning of the month, a sister regional conference in Novoselitsa. They studied the Gospel of Mark. Our sisters were encouraged to stay in the Word, in prayer for the work of God, for their families, for peace to Ukraine.

3. Study of the Word in the Church:

-In our church, we study the Word of God from Titus.Tit 3: 8-The Word is true, and I want you to confirm this, so that those who believe in God try to be diligent in good deeds: this is good and useful to people.

4. Prayer needs:

-Pray for the Lord to bless our Christian children's camp, which will be held from 1 to 6 July at our church, where there will be about 80 children from our village. Let the Lord bless this camp.

-Soon, July 14, we will have a feast in our church where 5 people will make a covenant with the Lord through water baptism. Pray for the Lord to bless this great evangelism in our church.

- And pray for our youth camp, the PIEI Ukraine mission which will be held in Boyans from July 29 to August 3. So that after all these evangelisms, people will come to God and repent.

We always pray for you, brothers and sisters, too. You are partners with us in this difficult work in Ukraine. Be blessed!

With respect to you Gortopan Mihai-pastor missionary of the mission PIEI Ukraine.

Evangelization month


I praise God for the fact that He takes care of His Work perfectly!


-Brothers and sisters from the USA and from Romania, thank you for your help and support in traveling to Romania at the missionary conference which was at the beginning of the month of May. I had a very blessed time and wonderful fellowship with brothers missionaries from Romania and from the USA. There I was edified spiritually and returned home with a joyful soul. I wish God to bless and reward you for your sacrifice to this good work, what you did for us missionaries PIEI UKRAINE, because with our own forces we could not afford such a wonderful trip. May my God fulfill your every need, according to His riches in glory, by Jesus Christ. Phil. 4:19.


“Throughout the entire month, three Sundays in a row, with God's help, we organized 3 evangelisms in our church, where the pastor's brothers and preachers from Romania preached. We invited many friends to these evangelizations and thank God that many of those invited came to evangelism. And our young people were preparing for the glorification of Christ. They prepared an excellent program and the choir members of our church, and the orchestra with a glorification group. Praise the Lord that the Word of God was preached in the Force of the Holy Spirit and many of the friends listened attentively to these sermons. We pray that the Lord will touch many hearts for repentance.

Prayer needs:

-We have a need to pray for one woman who attended our church for a long time and even told us that she would repent, but her relatives (unbelievers) persuaded her and she stopped going to church. So that the Lord would reveal to her Himself and show that without repentance she would lose her soul.

-Pray for a daytime, Christian, children's camp to be held this summer in our church. So that the Lord will bless this camp.

We love you and we pray for you.

With respect, the pastor missionary of the PIEI Ukraine mission, brother Gorthopan Mihai.

Evangelization through computer technology

viber image 2019-05-16 , 17.25.35.jpg

I praise God for helping me to proclaim His Word this month, let His Name be glorified forever!

1. Youth evangelism:

-In our church, a youth meeting was held on the topic: "How to use a computer for the purpose of evangelism among unbelievers"

-Through bible verses

-Through spiritual videos and many more other methods.

Our youth praised God for this meeting by singing along with our orchestra. There were also various games and quizzes with questions and answers from the Bible. This meeting was broadcast online. We invited a brother who gave these lectures to hold a couple of meetings and among all of our members of the church, so everyone would be able to evangelize people through computer technology.

2. Funeral evangelism:

-Also, this month, we conducted the funeral services of one of our sister from the church. The Word of God was preached and our choir sang hymns of praise for God. There were many unbelievers who had this opportunity to hear the Word of our Lord. The funeral is also an evangelization under the open the sky where people listen to the Word and think about their lives.

3. Thanks:

-I am grateful to God and to you for your prayers and for your material assistance that you provide me in services for the Lord.

- Thank you for inviting me to Romania in the missionary conference in Alba Iulia, where I traveled, together with our missionaries from the PIEI Ukraine mission, and together we had excellent communication with our brothers from Romania. Let God bless you and return to you a hundred times .

4. Prayer needs:

-Pay for revival and repentance among unbelievers from our village.

-Pray for young families from our church to increase faith and zeal for work for the Lord.

-Pray also about my family, that the Lord gives us health and blessings in work for God.

We always pray for you and remember you with love. Yours faithfully Gortopan Mihai-pastor missionary from the mission of PIEI Ukraine.

Blessing newborn

viber image 2019-04-09 , 12.34.44.jpg

I praise and exalt the Lord for the fact that He wonderfully cares about His ministry.

This month we had the blessing of a child in the church, a girl named Evelina, and children from our Sunday School also participated in this ministry. They had a rich program, with songs, poems, through this, they congratulated the newborn.

We prayed over the newborn and handed it over to the Lord because only the Lord could bless this baby and her parents. At this holiday, unbelieving relatives were present, of this young family and at this ministry, they heard the word of God. We pray for these unbelievers, that the Lord will touch their hearts. Thank you for your help.

Sincerely, Missionary PIE Gortopan Mihai.

Family Holiday in our busy days

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I send the great greetings to everyone who prays for us and supports us!

I praise and thank the Lord because He miraculously took care of the ministry that we bring to God.

Our church, together with two other churches in this month, organized Evangelization called (Family Holiday), which was located in a restaurant. Believers of the family had invited unbelieving families, where they had fellowship at the table of love. Here they heard spiritual instruction, spiritual psalms, had useful conversations among themselves.

Seventy percent of the people gathered were unbelievers. There was a very good atmosphere, everyone was happy and contented. All costs for the restaurant, believing families took over.

We pray that the Lord will bless this ministry, and the seed of the Lord that has been sown in their heart, will germinate and bear much fruit.

Best regards,

Pastor Gortopan Mihai

Reaching the Unsaved

In February I made a lot of visits in which I had the opportunity to share the Gospel to the Lord’s children as well to the unsaved people. I am glad that we regularly have unsaved people from our community who attend our Sunday services. This month, a woman who has gone through health problems remembering her father who was faithful started to come to church. Pray with us for this person who is seeking God, to understand the Scripture, and start to follow Jesus Christ as her father. 

Later in February, we had a funeral where many unbelievers listened to the Gospel. The deceased had relatives with studies, having high positions in society. It is hard to invite such people to church or to an outreach as they usually refuse to attend church on the basis of not having time, but on such occasions as funerals they have the opportunity to listen to the Word. During the sermon, we urged people to read the Scripture, for only through the Word we can truly know Christ and the path that leads to His kingdom. I pray for those people to be searched by the Word of God that is alive and works. 

Sermon on the Mount

This month our youth along with other young people from other churches in the district had a Bible study in the church of village Marshinets. They have studied the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew 5, beautiful teachings that the Lord Jesus gave to the multitudes that were gathered, still current nowadays, for us who live in the 21st century. They are good promises for young people to find their happiness in Christ in the beautiful teachings of Scripture.

Thank you so much for supporting us in the ministry and praying for us. And we pray for you and for all your prayer requests. I wish in the future to remain partners and coworkers together.

Sincerely, Gortopan Mihai.

Holiday Joy


January was a blessed month in which we could preach the Gospel lots of times. We celebrated Christmas on the 7th of January and went caroling thorough the village of Tarasauts and the neighboring village of Vanchikauts. We invited everybody we saw to a special Christmas program at church and most of them responded to our invitation. The youth, the church choir and the children praised the Child Who came to Earth to die for our sins through songs, poetry and skits. It was a beautiful holiday atmosphere which brought us lots of joy. I pray for everybody who heard the Gospel to be touched by God and make a good decisions for themselves.   

Unplanned Evangelism

Also in January we held three funeral ceremonies at which we could preach and lots of unsaved people could hear the Gospel. The Bible says that “through the sadness of the face the heart is getting better (Eccl. 7:4)”. That is why the funeral ceremonies are unplanned evangelisms at which people come and hear the Gospel. Let us pray for every person who hears the Gospel!


Thank you for supporting the missionary work in Ukraine. You are a great help and a blessing to us. We wish God to take care of you. We love you and pray for you.

Best regards

Gortopan Mihai

Wrapping up 2018


We praise the Lord for the blessings of 2018. We thank God for leading us and taking care of us amazingly throughout the year. In December I had more free time for visits as the work in the fields finished. In this way I could visit the sick and other members of the church. Through conversations I could understand the personality and the mood of the other person well. I could encourage and comfort them through the Word of God that can relieve and solve any problems. I met unsaved people to whom I told about the great God’s plan of salvation. The last week of the month we met at church for prayer every day. We thanked the Lord for the past year and asked for guidance and blessing for the year to come. We also had a funeral where we preached the Gospel and lots of unsaved people could hear it. Thank you for supporting the ministry in Ukraine. I wish us to continue to be partners in Evangelism. 

Love, Gortopan Mihai

Get Up and Shine

Copiii de la scoala duminicala,Tarasauti.jpg

I praise the Lord for taking care of us and guiding us in a wonderful way during this month. At the beginning of the month the ladies from our church united with the other sisters in Christ from all over Ukraine in prayer and fasting for God’s ministry in the whole world. The topic of their prayer was called “Get up and shine”. During their meeting they understood how important united prayer is, and how powerful can it be. At the end of the meeting they donated money for God’s ministry in poorer countries. Later the same month, they attended a regional conference for women where the main topic was “The Relationships Between Young and Old Generation”. They learned that only the love of God can cover any difference between us.

This month our church celebrated the 20th anniversary since the opening of the current church building in our village. We held an outreach with this occasion with great preparations of programs by the children, the youth and the choir. We had preachers from Romania and guests from other churches in our district and unsaved people from our village. 

At the end of the month we went to Fagadau village and helped at a funeral service. There came a lot of unsaved people who heard the Gospel and for whom we pray to open their hearts for Christ. 

Thank you for supporting us financially and for your prayers. Your sacrifice makes us praise God as it is written in 2 Corinthians 9:13-14: “Because of the service by which you have proved yourselves, we will praise God for the obedience that accompanies your confession of the gospel of Christ, and for your generosity in sharing with us and with everyone else. And in our prayers for you our hearts will go out to you, because of the surpassing grace God has given you.” We wish God’s blessings follow you every day. 

Best regards, Mihai Gortopan

Watching Seeds Grow


I glorify God for taking care of us every day in any ministry we do. 

I want to share with you the joy we have at church as a wonderful result of the PIEI camp we had this summer in August. Two young boys, Andrey and Vadim, who repented at the PIEI youth camp this summer, come regularly to church and are keen to study the Bible. They are very active in the church ministry along with other youths of our church. We glorify God who has started His ministry in these youths’ lives too.  Let’s pray for them to be strong in their faith and to stay near God all their life so that the other people in our village could se Jesus in their lives. 

Precious Teachings

Tineretul la programul de lauda si inchinare.jpg

At the end of October all the Romanian churches in our district celebrated Thanksgiving in the town square of Novoselitsa. Our youth took an active part at that outreach. A lot of passers by stopped to hear the praise to God given by the youth through songs and the sermon. We pray for everybody who heard the Gospel to be touched by the Holy Spirit. 

The preachers of our church attended a seminar in Chernauti, held by a professor in Theology from Bucharest, Romania. We all received precious teachings. 

Thank you for supporting us in our ministry here. I wish our partnership never end so we could be workers in the Lord’s vineyard.

Best regards, Gortopan Mihai

The Future of the Church


I praise the Lord for letting us to live one more month in which He showed us His mercy and kindness. This month the youth had the opportunity to lead a whole service at church one Sunday. All the church was encouraged to pray for our youth because they are the new generation and the future of our church.

Missions Around the World

We were visited by a young missionary family from Kazakhstan. They presented their work and their vision for the future, to go to a poorer area and work with street children. We always pray for them, and were able to give them financial help to support them and their work (Elena and Sergei). On the last Sunday of September, we celebrated Thanksgiving when we praised and thanked God for the blessed harvest and for His care during this year. There were unsaved people at church too who could hear the Gospel. On the same afternoon our choir visited a smaller church in our district and we were a great encouragement and joy for brothers and sisters of that church.  


Thank you for the great support you give us. You are our help, encouragement, and reason of thanksgiving and praise to God. Pray with us for the work in Ukraine.

Best regards, Gortopan Mihai


Regional Ministry


August started with the PIEI youth camp which, was attended by 4 leaders and 10 youths from Tarasauts. Along with other youths of the region, they all spent a wonderful week studying the Bible. This camp is a great and fruitful ministry which brings repentance, blessing and joy. We thank wholeheartedly the American team who dedicated themselves completely to this ministry. 

On Monday after camp, all the PIEI missionaries met at our church with two brothers from Michigan USA, Brother Rob Cook and Brother Charlie. We shared our experiences from the ministry and learned how to schedule our work more efficiently.  

Our church hosted a regional conference for families with the participation of some brothers from Romania. We pray for families in our region to be strong enough to face the Devil’s temptations and stay healthy Christian families useful to their communities and their local churches. 

Glorify the Savior

La intalnirea misionarilor misiunii PIEI UKR.la Tarasauti..jpg

At the end of the month our church had another guests from Romania, who preached the Gospel and sang to the Glory of God. There were unsaved people from community to the services. Our wish and prayer is that anything is done at church and in our community is to glorify our Savior, so that more unsaved people to find Jesus and the local church to grow spiritually. 

We thank the American team for their full dedication to the ministry in the camp. May the Lord reward your sacrifice! We thank you and pray for you: “That in everything you are enriched by him, in all utterance, and in all knowledge.” (1 Corinthians 1:5) We also thank the other PIEI brothers and sisters who didn’t visit us, but support our ministry. We pray for you and wish God’s blessings follow you every day!

Blessings Through VBS

I praise the Lord for the blessings in this month in which we felt His mercy and Grace. We started the month with a week of VBS for kids. It was a blessed time in which lots of unsaved kids as well as kids of our church had the opportunity to hear the Gospel and learn the Word of God. They also had lots of different contests and games. The youth of our church were involved in this ministry as the number of children reached 80 and that required more leaders. Also on Sunday after the VBS week we held a regional children’s meeting in our church. The meeting was full of songs, Bible contests, games and Bible study. All the children praised the Lord. We pray for the children who heard the Gospel to tell their parents about Jesus and their parents investigated by the Holy Spirit to be transformed. We also had a New Testimonial baptism in our church, where several people wanted to be baptized. It was a beautiful holiday for our church and lots of unsaved people could hear the Gospel. 

Sharing Experiences

At the end of the month the American team arrived and the ladies had a regional conference where sister Gabriela, Dr. Jackie and sister Patricia Grupp shared valuable teachings with the ladies from different churches of our district. At the same time the PIEI missionaries got together and shared their experiences from their ministry with brother Cornel Stef, the PIEI president, and brother Daniel Petruts, a pastor from Romania. We are very thankful for the American team who sacrifices their time for the ministry in Ukraine. We pray for the PIEI camp that God will prepare more hearts to receive the Word. 

Gortopan Mihai

Small Groups

The first summer month has passed and we praise the Lord for the opportunity to work with Him for His kingdom.

The ladies of our church who are engaged in children's VBS have started their ministry in other churches from our district. It is an important work that is supported by the whole of our church. Once a week the members of the church and other willing people got together for Bible study. We studied the books of Habakkuk and Haggai and learned how a person can be blessed abundantly if they obey God.


Our youth took an active part in the organization of a mega evangelism in Novoselitsa, with the participation of a Romanian group of singers called "Hope".  There were a lot of unsaved people who heard the Gospel and for whom we pray to be changed. We also thank the Lord that there were other people who answered the call to repentance and went in the front of the stage and asked the Lord to come in their hearts. We pray for them to stay near God all their lives and grow spiritually.

Thank you for supporting us. It is a great encouragement for us.  And may God meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19)

Best wishes, Gortopan Mihai

Celebrating the Ascension

I praise the Lord, for he has taken great care of us and of His work this month. In May we celebrated the Ascension of Jesus and the Pentecost. The whole church, children, youth, and the choir took an active part with special programs at the church services. We had some unsaved listeners from the community for whom I pray to repent. We thank brother Cornel and sister Gabi Stef who organized the meeting with Terry Mortenson. Several brothers from our church attended their conference and liked it a lot. We learnt a lot of useful and interesting facts about creation. We wish you God's blessings upon you for the effort you made in this ministry. 

Working with Children

Eight young people from our church attended special courses in which they learnt how to work with children in VBS. They start VBS in June and I am glad that they agreed to get involved in this ministry teaching children about the Lord. 

We had a funeral where lots of unsaved people heard the Gospel. 
Thank you for supporting me in the evangelism. I wish to continue working with you for the Glory of God. 

Best wishes, Gortopan Mihai

Proclaiming the Resurrection

    April came to us with lots of blessings, joy and holidays. On the first Sunday we celebrated Jesus' glorious entrance into Jerusalem and on the following Sunday we proclaimed Jesus' Resurrection. The whole church glorified the Lord with songs and special programs on those special events. I was glad to see lots of unsaved people from our community at church. A person accepted the Lord at the Resurrection service. We pray for the other people who attended the outreaches on those days to open their hearts for Jesus. 

Praying for the Lost

    Our church started a new project - to pray for the people in our church who have departed from Christ. We have also visited them and talked to them. We rejoiced when three people returned to Christ again. Through these things we praise and glorify only the Lord. We are motivated to continue in interceding for the lost. 
Thank you for your support. You are a great help and encouragement to us. We love you and pray for you.

Best wishes, Gortopan Mihai

Women Unite in Prayer

I praise the Lord Who cared for us and for His ministry this month. At the beginning of the month the ladies in the church united with other sisters in Christ all around Ukraine in prayer on the topic: "The faith that we must convey to our descendants." They read the example that apostle Paul stated in his book about Timothy's mother Eunice and Grandmother Lois who had a sincere faith. At the end of their meeting they collected money and sent it for the ministry in Ukraine. 
I attended a conference in Chernovtsy for church leaders on the topic: "The Discipline in the Church." 
Moreover the young families of our church invited other unsaved families to the local restaurant for a meal where besides delicious food they had the opportunity to hear the Word of God and Christian songs and poems. It was a wonderful atmosphere where everybody remained pleased and happy. We pray for all unsaved families who were at the restaurant to be investigated by God. 
Our choir, the youth and the children get involved in the ministry visiting other small churches in the district and encouraging the Christians there. By any ministry we do we wish to give glory to only our Lord and the unsaved people to accept Jesus in their hearts. Our church raised money for the little boy who has cancer and who had two surgeries this month. We keep praying for him. 
Thank you for supporting us financially and working with us. You are a blessing to us and a big encouragement.  I wish to keep working together for the Glory of God. We love you and always pray for you.

Best wishes, Gortopan Mihai

February 2018

February was a beautiful month in which we could work for the Lord and His Kingdom. We had the opportunity to organize an outreach with some Romanian preachers. Our youth and the choir praised the Lord with songs on that event. There were unsaved people from the community for whom we pray to be touched by the Holy Spirit.
Our youth attended a youth district meeting where they had a study entitled “The Lord’s coming”. The study makes us think about our soul’s condition and prepare ourselves to meet the Lord. With a team of brothers and sisters from our church we went to a funeral in Stalinest, a village in our district. The church in that village is so small that they cannot hold such works alone.  It was a right opportunity to preach the Gospel to lots of unsaved people in that village.
The young ladies of our church visited all the old people of the church who cannot come to church because they are bound to beds. They filmed and photographed their visits and then shared their videos to the whole church. The sick and old people were encouraged by those young ladies and the church was motivated to visit them more often. I wish the young generation grows spiritually and gets ready for the harder times that are coming due to the devil.  Thank you for supporting the ministry in Ukraine. You are a blessing to us and I wish the Lord take care of all your needs, according to His riches in glory in Jesus Christ (Philippians 4:19).

Best wishes, Gortopan Mihai

January 2018

We started 2018 with God and we asked His mercy and guidance to accompany us throughout the year. We lived blessed and beautiful moments in the first month of the year in which we spread the Gospel abundantly. At Christmas we went caroling at the people’s houses in the village. Also our services at church are streamed live and many people in the village watch them. I pray for all people to be touched by the Holy Spirit to change their hearts.

I have told you previously that we pray for a little boy who has cancer and that his grandmother started to come to church. I want to inform you that God is at work. His Granny accepted the Lord and comes regularly to the prayer circle. We continue to pray for this family and for the little boy. We ask God to give that family body and soul healing so they could glorify Him.

Thank you for working with us and for praying for us. You are a great help and encouragement to us. Thanks to the Stef family, the Goldston family for the holiday greetings and for the money gift. We wish you God’s blessings during the year 2018.

Best wishes, Gortopan Mihai