October 2017

I praise and glorify God for His wonderful everyday care. At the beginning of the month I took part in the outreach in Rakitna village where two days I gave spiritual conciliation to the people who came to be checked by the doctors-volunteers. I talked to around 70 people. More than half of them didn’t have a personal relation with God. I pray for them to be transformed by God. 

May 2017

The biggest ministry of May was the evangelism with the participation of a doctor team from Kiev. We had a great opportunity to organize a great outreach at church where a lot of unsaved people came to hear the Gospel. Especially we praise the Lord for the people who came for the first time to church.

March 2017

I praise and glorify our Lord for His every day care and guidance.  This month I attended a conference organized for pastors and deacons in Chernautsi. There were experienced brothers from Kiev at the conference who gave us useful advice how to work efficiently in the ministry.  

November 2016

I praise God for showing us again His mercy and greatness in the ministry we did in November. This month God answered our prayer that we prayed for several years. A man who has attended our church for several years accepted the Lord in his heart after a sermon about the prodigal son. This case is an encouragement for the whole church that teaches us to keep praying and not fail or get discouraged in our faith.