Blessing newborn

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I praise and exalt the Lord for the fact that He wonderfully cares about His ministry.

This month we had the blessing of a child in the church, a girl named Evelina, and children from our Sunday School also participated in this ministry. They had a rich program, with songs, poems, through this, they congratulated the newborn.

We prayed over the newborn and handed it over to the Lord because only the Lord could bless this baby and her parents. At this holiday, unbelieving relatives were present, of this young family and at this ministry, they heard the word of God. We pray for these unbelievers, that the Lord will touch their hearts. Thank you for your help.

Sincerely, Missionary PIE Gortopan Mihai.

Holiday Joy

January was a blessed month in which we could preach the Gospel lots of times. We celebrated Christmas on the 7th of January and went caroling thorough the village of Tarasauts and the neighboring village of Vanchikauts. We invited everybody we saw to a special Christmas program at church and most of them responded to our invitation…