July 2017

With God’s help, we organized another evangelistic event in the public school, through which we showed the love of God to students and teachers. Each of the 200 students received a packet of food items and school supplies. Everyone knew that this act of love comes from God who cares for all our needs. We had an open door with the teachers; we talked with them about the goodness of God toward all people. The fact that we were welcome in the school is also an act of God who works in amazing ways.

April 2017

Celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus was a blessed time, through everything that took place in church and outside. The days before Easter were days when we got closer to the Lord through prayer and fasting, and fellowship, a time of meditation and searching of our heart, asking the Lord to make us holy and to help us be more dedicated and filled with love toward Him and each other. The brothers and sisters responded well in the way they prayed, visited and helped each other. It was also a time when families gathered and spent time with each other. One of the families gathered all their children and close relatives, and enjoyed a special time together, talking about the Lord Jesus to relatives and friends.

March 2017

First I want to praise God with all my heart. He is the only one worthy, for the wonderful way in which He worked during this time in our lives.

By the grace of God, in March we had a great opportunity to evangelize, with many people hearing the message of the Gospel. Together wit h other three churches in the area, we prepared through prayer and fasting, and God worked in a wonderful way. We shared a meal together, and then had an evangelism service.

Updates from January

January began with a week of prayer among many of the churches in our area. We took turns meeting for prayer in these churches, and thus enjoyed the fellowship with brothers and sisters in various places, praising God together and bringing our request before Him. Although it was very cold outside, the brothers and sisters came to prayer. These were evenings filled with blessings in which we felt the joy of the presence of God with us, which encouraged us to prayer.

News from September

First of all, I want to thank God for the wonderful way in which He worked during all this time, in us and through us. Praise Him! This month we focused on two aspects: prayer and visits to those who came to the baptism last month, and the new teen group that started school. There were some families that invited us to visit, and we did our best to respond promptly...