Micah and Grace Rwothumio are intensely involved in discipleship and outreach with UCF, University Community Fellowship, ministering to future leaders of Uganda near the campus of Makerere University in Kampala, the largest university in Uganda. They began meeting in a hotel, but  in time purchased property close to the University,  having office and class space there. The church met in a large tent for more than 10 years as they planned for a permanent place to worship. The new church was build this past year with some finishing work to be completed. However services are being held there.  They hope to use it  as a multi-use building where Christian students can live as well as come to meetings.

Micah is also involved with Paida Bible School, a growing school near the border with Congo that trains pastors from Uganda and neighboring countries. Micah teaches there when he can and attempts to help in other ways. His ministry is involved in supporting Bible students. He plans a resource center for training in Kampala as well.

It has been a struggle for Micah to know how to divide his time. There is a great need for seminars for rural pastors, and he traveled doing that for a while, but now has no time. He feels the Bible school meets this need better. He has been involved in other church plants, and worked with another church in Kampala before this one began, but did not find the ministry fruitful.

Micah’s first contact with PIEI occurred when he was a student at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. He partnered with a missions professor there who made a Summer trip to Uganda and was impressed with Micah’s contacts with a number of national leaders. They in turn met with the PIE administrative committee and made a proposal.  Grace has has a strong discipling ministry with the women of the church.

Micah and Grace have two daughters, Reba and Helen.



• Involvement in campus ministry and outreach
• Provision for the needs of the church and completion of the church building (windows and doors) to be used as a meeting place, student hostel, and training center
• Provision for the needs of Paida Bible School


Update from Micah Rwothumio
Major construction for the University Community Fellowship (UCF) facility has been going on in 2012 and 2013. Churches and individuals from the US who have been well acquainted with this ministry have given very generously towards the construction work. The facility is now a great place of worship. Our huge challenge now is to complete the final phase of the building project which involves interior finishings. It is exciting to see what God is doing at UCF, we have seen some steady growth for this new school year, our big push has been leadership development, a lot of one on one discipleship is going on well and a number of people are stepping up in various leadership roles to serve. We also brought before the congregation a new Elders Board and Deacons who are plugging in so well into the many areas of ministry at UCF. Now much of the responsibility of work in the church does not fall on me as the lead pastor. God has been good to us and we will wait on Him to provide all that we need in His own time. For now we will keep praising the Lord and look to Him for total provision. 

The students at Paidha Bible School have resumed normal sessions. Our plan is to start a special Christian education program in the Bible School while simultaneously running a short term program for pastors so they can fit in the program well, giving them time to be home with their families and ministries. We are still assessing this and will soon come out with a clear way forward. The other pending project for the Bible School is the completion of the dormitory that we started some years back. However with all the work that has been going on in UCF we have had little funds toward this building. A lot of work needs to be done to finish the building. In all, things are going on well in the school.

Pastor Micah's office. Paste below into your web browser and see God working in this ministry!

Pastor Micah's office.

Paste below into your web browser and see God working in this ministry!

Please keep us in your prayers.
- Micah Rwothumio




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