May 2017

Dear brothers and sisters in the PIE organization,

Thank you for your kindness and support given to us in the month of May. The Lord led us to go to the Village of Barabeti on Sunday afternoon. We went as two teams with three brothers each, and one team of sisters stayed home and prayed for victory in this ministry. Many young and old people were open, and we got to answer many of the questions they posed.


Please continue to pray for:

-           Verginica whose son Marin is sick

-           Maria with whom we talked about idolatry

-           Gigi, a young man who is very open to the Gospel

-           Brother Ion Gavrila who had a vascular accident

-           For the Village of Barabeti, that the Lord would open new doors for the Gospel

-           For the entire area where we live, that people find God

With brotherly love in Christ,

Gabi Cuc

April 2017

This month, I visited Mihai Stanciu and family, Gabriel Voicu and family, Ioan and Lenuta Iova, Amos and Elena Rila, people with whom I had fellowship. I also visited some non-believing families and talked with them about the Gospel; they were open to the Word. Please pray for them, for Gabi and Florin, for Cornel and Lenuta, Violeta, Gica, for the family of Sister Norica and for her neighbor. 

Updates from January

We are glad to say that at the beginning of this year God has been with us. Although we have gone through a hard winter with freezing cold, lots of snow and sickness, we had experienced the help from God in everything. This month we visited some of the families: Amos and Lenuta, a family who helps me in ministry, sister Gita who suffered a …

News from December

Dear brothers,

I praise the Lord for His care, for He has been with me get through this time of sickness that came over me. My health status is good, but the problem that I have is far from being solved.

I have been in hospital for days, to treat the stroke I have recently had. I recovered pretty well at hospital, then I returned home, but I could only walk inside the house.