May 2017

We praise the Lord for the 19 people who will be baptized at the beginning of July this summer. With all the church we are preparing for this great holiday and want that more unsaved people would be present at this great holiday. We believe that God will work wonderfully at the people’s hearts.

March 2017

On March 24 I went to the rehab centre where with a group of brothers we started a new project there. There are so many people addicted to drugs and alcohol that we have to work more carefully with them. We pray in our churches and in home groups for people who are there and for those who work with such people. 

November 2016

In November I met the young families from our church at a coffee and had fellowship studying the Bible about the love Agape. We learned how can we get this love and apply it in our lives. Also some families confessed how God has worked in their family life. At the end of our meeting many young families prayed God to give them the love Agape as Jesus had; a love that is ready to sacrifice and doesn’t seek its priorities but loves to death. 

About Grigory Postusak

About Grigory Postusak

Between 1996-2000 I attended and graduated from the Theological Seminary in Kiev, Ukraine, then from 2001-2003 I studied to become Christian magistrate and Bible Teacher / professor in Christian schools.  From 2003 I am a professor of Systematical Theology at the Theological Seminary in Chernivtsi where we prepare pastors for ministry in the region of Chernivtsi.