What a week! Oh, how God still marvels!


Monday the 12th

I started off the week without a facility for my Alpha program (started next Tuesday the 20th), and only a few willing to commit to coming. Although God had graciously given me help with OSCEAB (A Christian Student Group in Alba that meets at a local University) I was still not sure how I (or more importantly, God) was going to pull this off.


What I did know that my needs list was great. A large room…inviting…easy to get to…with a projector…cheap (my budget is limited)…available…and able to hold over 15 people. Not an easy task when your limited.


My first step was to send out a call to help to my local church body. I was asking for people to make treats for my guest, sound equipment, a projector and of course the room. The second step was to contact a few old contacts and invite them to this new group, one of which I was sure wouldn’t want to come. Must to my surprise he not only was happy I invited him but was excited to learn about God.


Tuesday the 13th

With my faith being stretched and invitations in hand (thanks to Christy Alborn, someone who helps me out a lot) I set out to invite people to attend my event being held in 7 days. I was reminded how Jesus coming into Jerusalem just before his betrayal told his disciples that there was already a room swept and prepared for the last supper. I prayed this as I walked in faith.


After a meeting with OSCEAB which was accompanied by pray for both the needs of the ministry and the students who would attend, two of the members Claudia and Iulia accompanied me in spreading the word.  God granted us the audience of 9 new students who had a desire to learn and were invited to join our program.


As I started to talk to the students, I became increasing aware of the need to address the University itself with my present. I after all wasn’t a student any longer and could have been considered intrusive.


Wednesday the 14th

After much prayer God once again shocked me. Not only was I given a meeting with the Deans of the University and permission to promote my meeting but they also gave me encouragement!

As if not to be outdone by this great news God had another gift in mind. I was called by Traian (one of my mentors, a person who has invested greatly into my Christian life) and informed that I could use the building’s living room at the place I am currently staying at, which also included a projector and sound system!!! This place called Beracah (meaning The Valley of Blessing) has lived up to its name over and over again since I started on this journey of being a missionary.


“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think” Eph 3:20. I couldn’t have said it better myself! In a half of a week God had not only given me everything on my list but added to it with the University taking kindly to my ministry, and too the ladies at my church who have graciously volunteered to help supply snacks!!


Pray that the Alpha course (my evangelistic tool) will draw people into knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior, committing to living in a powerful relationship with Him that will change their lives for all eternity.


I want to thank to everyone who is a part of this ministry: Christy Alborn, Angela and Marcel Cordos, Iudita Maris, Anisoara Mitrofan, Traian Opruta, Claudia and Iulia Muntean, Ema Magerusan and Daniela David, OSCEAB and a BIG thank you to my home church Harmony Church (Biserica Armonia)! And I want to say Thank you for those who are praying for what is God doing in Alba Iulia! These will be added unto you too.


God be glorified in all of this !

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