Veronica Palcau


My name is Veronica Palcau, born in Slatina, Olt county, Romania. At the moment I am a worker with Children's Ministry in the Hope Church, Draganesti-Olt, but my desire is to be a missionary. In 2011, I graduate school in Slatina, then I moved officially in Draganesti-Olt.

Before I knew about God, I used a lot of ugly words, swearing, I had a very ugly behavior towards those around me and other ugly things I was doing in my life. In childhood I had heard about God, but I did not understand too much. But at the age of 16, I had begun to understand more and more about God, and to which, in fact, through a family of believers, I met Christ personally.

It is about Raul's family. God called them to work in Oltenia. At the age of 12 I began to be part of their family. They worked with some orphans girls and every weekend we went to their house then, in a village of Perieti, and in time they moved to Slatina and we continued to go to their home in weekends.

Many times we had bible study, and in one day, evening Raul spoke about heaven and hell,  in finally he put a question for us "if you die this night where your soul goes?", then God searched my soul and I started to pray and repent of my sinful life. In that night, God changed my life completely, I become a new creation in Christ.

In 2003, me and may family stared ministry in Draganesti-Olt, first of all we started with Children's Ministry with roma , then bible study house. In these time, God has put in my heart this ministry.

When I graduated school, I found a job in another Country, in England, I was very close to leave, but God spoke to me clearly that to stay in this ministry. Later, God confirmed through my father, and through a bible verse "Let the little children to come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these" Mark 10:14. That was a crucial moment in my life when I started to live through faith. God all the time has proved for my life because I choose to stay in this ministry. Now, I have 5 Kids clubs in Draganesti-Olt, and two of the children become believers and they choose to be baptized.

I am honore and blessed to be part of God's plan in Children's Ministry.




Location: Draganesti-Olt, has 10.894 inhabitants, most of them are non-practicing Romanian Ortodox Christians.      

Vision: My vision is for the children of my groups to become part of the body of the Hope Church, Draganesti-Olt.

Mission: To do God's willing through reaching out to the children through programs, and fulfilling the spiritual and physical needs of children and their parents in Draganesti-Olt.

Strategy: Within the Hope Church to bring many children where we can have various fun activities together with them.



People can best support me through coming alongside me in prayer, as well as financial support for the children’s ministry. I also appreciate words of encouragement from other Christians who are praying for me and my ministry.