Alecs Tudoroiu



I am Alecs Tudoroiu. I am 28 years old, and I was born in Pitesti. I am married to Ancuta Tudoroiu and together we have a 2 year old, Emanuela.

I grew up in an Orthodox family. They were normal people, who said they were Christians, but since childhood I remember that in our family there was no peace. There were many scandals; my father was drinking a lot, my mother was leaving home and there were only beatings, scandals, and blood. It seemed like a mini war and I was very afraid.

At the age of 11, my mother left us and I lived only with my father. After a while he remarried. His wife did not accept me, and I had to leave them. After several searches, I found my mother and I went to her. After a while she also remarried and I was not accepted in her family either.

My mother frequented the church in a village where Brother Raul Costea was a pastor, and she went to him and asked if he could take care of me. If not, she would take me to the orphanage! So I came into this context of believers who love God!

I moved to Draganesti-Olt, and I noticed there was something new. In Raul's family there was beauty, love, peace, and quiet. Even though I did not make a personal decision about my life, I continued to go to the church, to sing, to pray and to read the Bible. I wanted to be like them!

Then one day, in 2006, I became aware of this vital need for God in my life. After a few talks with Raul, I got on my knees and confessed my sins before Him and I asked for forgiveness for everything I did wrong! From that moment on everything changed including my fear of death, of demons, of the world, of everything. I wanted to live for God every day with all my heart!

After a while I was looking for a job here in Draganesti, and I found one. I worked for a few months, then the employer asked me to do something illegal. I did not accept and gave up the job! After a while I entered an equipping program with the church where Brother Raul was the coordinator. In this program I served in many ways: evangelism, home visits, translating for teams, singing on the street and various other projects (city cleaning, New Testament project, eyeglasses ministry, etc). In my heart grew this desire to serve God more and more, or full-time!

Meanwhile, I got married and as a young man I felt the need for money and a stable place. I was struggling in my heart with these thoughts and I was asking God to show me what His will was for my life, but it seemed like the answer wasn't coming. I struggled for about a year until I told God, "Lord, I want to know what your plan is for my life. What do you want from me? If You want me to go to work or if You want me to work for you. I do not want to be driven by money, but by Your will." That's what I said to God. Even although I had offers to go work and a friend asking me to go because I knew English and I also had a driving license and I could earn a lot of money, I wanted to have that fulfillment and clarification from Him!

After a while, God spoke to me through a verse from Haggai 1:4, and I felt with God telling me, "Are you more concerned with yourself and your good material condition than My work?"

Before this I could not sleep at night, I would go back and forth, but after I received this word I was calmed.

About the Work

Vision: The vision of the church is also my vision, to impact people with Christ's hope in the local, regional and international area, that they would return to God.

Now I'm working in the mission department with Brother Raul and two other people. My desire is to spread the Word of God to many people through different forms:

  • regular projects with New Testament

  • projects with eyeglasses

  • music events

  • evangelism on the street

  • evangelism in prison

  • programs with children

  • sport activities

  • translating for Americans

  • driving

  • promoting the need for missionaries

  • traveling to the Balkan countries to observe their needs and determining how we can help the churches there

  • team management

I want God to be glorified and people to come to Him, repent and have a real personal relationship with Him.

Opportunities to Be Involved

  • prayer

  • promotion

  • short-term teams

  • workers / missionaries who want to move or come to visit

  • financial

  • the purchase of New Testaments or glasses

  • buying a minibus