Social project


When orphans turn 18, they enter into society without any real help in establishing themselves as responsible citizens. Many of these orphans end up on the streets and become involved in prostitution, drugs, and gangs. It is our desire to mentor them and help them successfully enter society. We typically mentor them for a period of one to three years until they are able to live on their own.

We also have a heart to do more for the poor in our community. Many families in our areas of ministry are in great need. Acting on Jesus’ mandate to shelter the afflicted, we want to rent, buy, or build temporary homes for these needy families.

How can I get involved?

  • Pray for the homeless orphans we hope to reach, that they would come to know the Lord intimately.

  • Pray also for provision to start and sustain our housing project for the needy families in our community.

  • We welcome short-term teams that want to serve in these ways. However, our greatest need presently is for full-time workers with a vision to see these programs succeed.

  • Lastly, God has graciously granted us land for our housing project, but we are still in need of funding to commence building. You may get involved by donating so we can begin constructing facilities to house our area’s needy families.