End of the Year Missionary Activities


In this letter I will let you know about my recent missionary activities so you can be part of the ministry. I put the events in chronological order from the most recent to the oldest in case if anyone wants to know details of my work. The others can read only the first two paragraphs, with the most recent events. I pray that what you read will motivate you to be a part of the ministry I do here in Oltenia.

11 December: Me and Tavi went to Ursoaia village where we shared the Gospel with the people there, giving them Christian brochures. We told them about Jesus, the greatest gift they can receive. We also gave them food packages to show God’s love in a practical way. It was a blessed experience. There was a child that came to us with great excitement because we brought them gifts. Pray for these people to receive the Gospel in their hearts!

12 December: Through God’s grace, me and Tavi went to Barza village where we offered food packages and brochures about Jesus. We had a blessed time there. The Word says: “And I have been a constant example of how you can help the poor by working hard. You should remember the words of the Lord Jesus: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” (Acts 20:35)

6 December: I spent some time with a future disciple I evangelized recently. After some time together, he said that he wants to receive Christ in his heart. Please pray for him, but also for me to have the wisdom to invest in him so he can become a true disciple of Christ!

5 December: I spent this day in a village called Mozaceni-Vale where I chopped wood at a family of elders. Pray for them and for their Salvation!

3 December: Through God’s grace I evangelized people in Icoana, Olt county where I met people willing to hear the Word of God. Among them, there were some women (you can see them in the photos down below). Please pray for them but also for the others who heard the Gospel through me.

1 December: I spent the National Day telling people about God alongside an elder sister from my church. We met my former teacher who is 87 years old now and she was very pleased to see us. We offered her a brochure about God and she was happy to receive something for free. I am glad that we could give something to this woman showing her the example of Jesus. He is the one that gave us everything without expecting something in return. He even sacrificed His own life so our sins can be forgiven without claiming something for it. I want to give more and more to Christ and to be more involved in the ministry for His glory. God help me to do that! Pray for the 10 people who heard the gospel today and especially for this lady!

29 November:  This time I went to Floru village with the desire to make God known in this small community. I was surprised to see that people here know the ministry I want to do and, even though I didn’t met many people today, I met a woman named Sanda who wants to receive Christ in her heart. Please pray for her!

27 November: Through God’s grace the Gospel reached two villages today. The people here didn’t have the chance to hear the Word of God until now and they were indifferent because they don’t know God yet. Despite these barriers, I managed to give a few brochures about Jesus. Please pray for the villagers from Mozaceni-Vale and Podisoru!

23 November: This day was a special one because we went out to evangelize and we met some special people. Some of them were willing to hear the Gospel, some were not. But at the end of the day, God is good and He does everything good. Please pray for Catalin, who knows the Bible well but doesn’t want to receive God in his life, and Mariana who is ready to receive the Good News. God bless them and all of you.

19-20 November: Panicel Brasov, M4 Romania – Me, Florin Dumitru, Tavi and Livia Ciudesnic went there to learn how to plant a church (needs, difficulties and solutions) and it was a blessed experience for me. What I learned there will help me in the ministry I do with Tavi Ciudesnic.

God bless you all!

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