In God’s school – Ready to share the Gospel with people


During E2E classes I learned many essential concepts regarding missionary experience that I couldn’t get somewhere else. One of the most important lessons was the fact that evangelism is at the root of discipleship. I realized I can’t make disciples if I don’t have the courage to step outside my comfort zone and to evangelize people.

Disciples are made as a result of the process of evangelism, this is the natural timeline. After someone is exposed to the Gospel, and wants to go further, he enters in the process of discipleship. After that comes catechesis where the disciple is prepared to be baptized and to enter in a local church. This basic rule is at the base of my missionary project.

At the same time, we had 5 days of practice and we went to different cities in Romania to meet new people and to speak with them about experiences and projects. In Oradea, a brother in Christ gave me a prophetic word: if I let myself shaped by God, He will use me in great things.  And this is exactly what I want, to let God shape me so I can become a better tool in His hands.

Please pray for:

  • Modesty

  • Wisdom

  • Victory against sin

  • An accurate vision about the plan that God has for me in the ministry

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