My name is Ababei Sebastian, I live in Bădeşti, Argeş, and I am part of the national mission team led by Raul Costea and Hope Church.

Ever since I was a child, I went to church with my family. My grandfather was the first man in the village who received Christ.

Growing up, I slowly gave up on going to church and I started to feel the desire for money. After I moved to Braşov, I also started drinking and consuming drugs. I knew that these things are bad but I couldn’t stop doing them. Every time I wanted to quit, Satan attacked me with the same thoughts: „What God? Who’s God? Which God?” and I couldn’t go back to Him.

After 6 months I came back home and my mother, crying for me, asked me to listen a christian song which I hated.

God worked through that song and, while I was listening, He filled my heart with peace, love and joy. In that day I gave up on my previous lifestyle and I came back to God.

All I want now is to serve Him in the best way I can.