Making Disciples of Christ in Russia

God has called us to develop young Christ followers in Russia.

The story of our disciple-making ministry has its roots in an Evangelical Russian church started missionary grandfather involvement about 70 years ago. At that time, church meetings took place in the woods in order to avoid detection. Grandfather’s prayers were answered that he would see his children and grandchildren become ministers.

God’s calling

The PIEI Russia national missionary was raised in Christian family and he is the oldest of 10 children. He started his ministry at age 16 when he became a youth pastor, helped to start a new church and founded–a youth organization that provides outreach programs for children, youth, and young adults.

Our missionary is an ordained pastor of a local church with about 200 parishioners. Besides pastoral responsibilities, he believes, “God has called me to raise and develop leaders and ministries to reach the unsaved. It is a great joy to invest in young people, seeing them grow and helping them to see God as He is and become passionate about God and passionate in serving God wherever He calls them”


The PIEI Russia ministry has:

  • Developed young men that have become ordained ministers who serve in a drug rehabilitation and counseling programs as well as lead a ministry for orphans, street kids and teens.
  • Summer camping ministries for both non-church and churched children
  • Vacation Bible Schools
  • Video production: creative clips, sermons, seminars, conferences, and advertisement for church events
  • English, Tourist and Pre-School clubs that attract 160 children, teens and adults giving us more opportunity to share the Gospel
  • Community programs that bring out hundreds of kids, and their parents, that help us build a bridge to invite other participants to the clubs. This helps us attract youth to our VBS programs and camps where we openly preach the Gospel.

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