God does not despise the weak beginnings

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I will start this report saying that it is hard for me to write reports. But I know how important is for me and for you to see how God works in and through our lives and to see how He intervenes in each detail.

One of our desires was to have  our own place where we could run our activities. So for this reason we started to pray. One of our partners named Dave Taylor from Canada was praying in the same time with us regarding of what God put in our hearts. A ship container was the dream.  He told us about the dream and we felt it was from God.But we didn't know from where or with what money we were going to buy it and to make it in order to be used as a church building.  A few months later a very sad news came from Dave. His wife died in a car accident.  Dave asked all the people at the funeral instead to buy flowers, to donate those money for the ministry in Romania and  more specific for the ministry in Maruntei ( in the southern part of Romania) to have a place where they can gather as small group for bible study.  The amount of money was exact the amount that we paid for the container, to bring it and to make the needed  changes of the inside to look like a small room so we can seat around for studying the bible.These three months of the year are gone and so many little and big things happened.

This month it was a busy and good month for us. We were gone for 2 days at a conference called M4. This conference teaches us how to become better in church planting ministry. It helped us to see where we are and also to establish objectives that will make our work to be more efficient. One of our objectives was to move the ship container in another strategic place. So we moved it. It was not easy because we had to work a lot, to find people, trucks in order to move it, cleaning the place and so on. We are thankful to God for all who helped, prayed and supported this work. Taylor family from Canada were a real support for us and we praise God for them.

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In the last Sunday of March we had our first meeting in Maruntei. A few adults and some children came. We felt good and surrounded by God s grace. Dave encouraged us to persever and also reminded us that God does not despise the weak beginnings. So you can pray that in this place God s presence to be upon us and many souls this year to come to know the Lord in a powerful way.

I had the opportunity to present our ministry to a group of believers. They were from the PVT program( Parents Vision Trip). We felt encouraged by their prayers and their desire to get involved. We did home visits and we gave food bags.

We pray that they will see Gods love in us.

Thank you again for being there for us. Its only His grace in our lives.

Please also pray for the youth ministry in Draganesti. We need wisdom , love for the young generation. There were organized different events for the youth,. The purpose of these events were to help them with education and also to share them the Gospel.(evangelistic event, quitar lessons,computer lessons. Please be in prayer for our youth! They need the Lord.

Octavian Berechet - PIEI Missionary