Updates from Maruntei


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
It’s been a while since we didn’t write about us. So we would would like to tell you what happened lately in our lives but also in the ministry that we do.

First of all  I have the joy to announce you that with God’s help we will have another member in our family. :)My wife will due in July so please pray for a safe birth. Probably she will do C section and this would be the third one.
We want to share with you some events that happened  during the last three months.

In March we were visited by brother Dave Taylor from Canada.  Together we had a few projects that we were involved.
We repaired the ceiling of the ship container, did some visits and gave food bags. We also did soup kitchen for those who accepted and our purpose was to create relationships around the table. This project is only for the  cold season.

In the community of Draganesti we were involved in a construction project. Two years ago we replaced  a fence for the kindergarten and this year we were able to replace the main door for the kid’s entrance. The principle and teachers were glad about this blessing and they expressed their gratitude. The  old door was damaged and when the winter came the  snow could go inside.

For the first time a team of teenagers from Germany came to work alongside to us. They came as an answer to our and your prayers from December. They were lead by  family. It was a blessed time. We did kid’s ministry . Around 20 children came and enjoyed the time  spent with them. For  three days they prepared the lessons and did  crafts. For the youth in Draganesti we organized a football game and also a movie night. The teenagers enjoyed both events and they also were exposed to the Gospel through a skit that they had prepared.

In the month of April I was able to go to a conference with Paul Ebell and Mihai Ileana.  It was a conference for those who are involved in the youth ministry. It was a building conference and brought us ideas  how to work with this generation of young people.

Beside the ministry in Maruntei I am part of the staff for the youth ministry in Draganesti. It is an out reach ministry among the youth that is on my heart since two years ago. Please pray for this ministry that the teenagers will be saved and for us as leaders to know how to help them in knowing Jesus as their personal Saviour.
I coordinated the staying of Cornel Stef, the president of PIEI organization, and the team he brought from USA.
They prepared a conference for christian women . It was a good conference and they were built up in their spirit. During the conference time I was with part of the team to evangelize people in three villages.

With the women from this team we organized a meeting for the women in Maruntei. Before the meeting I ask the Lord to send at least ten ladies. When the meeting started there were only 2 women and after 10 minutes other 10 women came with their children. I was encouraged through this experience and saw God how faithfull He is.
This conference was organized in the week before Easter and the speaker draw the ladies attention to Christ who suffered on the cross for our sins. Be in prayer for all of those who heard the Gospel to open their hearts for the Lord.
There were many things that happened and we pray that the Lord will use us for His glory. Thank you for being part to these ministries. May God bless each of you!

Tavi Berechet