A Big God in a Small Village


We are very thankful to God for your prayers for Teodora, the baby. She is a very good baby and we feel so blessed to have her. We celebrated her dedication and it was a blessed time for all of us.

For the summer time we had a break in the children ministry. We had only a few special events for them, but starting September we meet regularly on Tuesdays. We were visited by our partners from Canada, Dave and Phill and we felt so blessed through their presence. We did different activities. We visited people, gave them food bags and we had the eyeglasses project in Maruntei. And with these opportunities we shared the Gospel.

We reinitiated the cantine project through which we offer lunch to those in need. It is a wonderful time to show God s love and to talk with them and listening to what they have to say.

As you probably know I work also for  the youth ministry in Draganesti and one  Saturday Dave and Phill  had an word of encouragement and after that we had some pizza and games. Please pray for the youth that they will stay strong in the faith of our Lord. There are so big temptations and they quikly can be attracted by this world. We want to see a young generation who declare that Jesus is the Lord with boldness. The youth program is named Catalist and, a few days ago, our group welcomed some boys from Maruntei who are very happy to be with us. We are very glad for this and hope that they will understand Gods love for them.

Together we served the children from Maruntei. Pray for this new season of children ministry that they will come and have desire after the Lord.

 Also we had a team from Texas lead by our brother Keith. It was wonderful to see them and to serve again for Gods kingdom. Together, we visited people, gave them food bags and had activities with children. We appreciate everyone's effort to come from such a big distance to serve and love others. Thank you!

We prayed and you prayed for others to come alongside to us for the ministry in Maruntei. And for more weeks George and Sorin expressed their desire to be part of this ministry. Please pray for me to know how to coordinate this small team, for them to be what the Lord wants them to be, for financial ressources for them, the salvation of the people in Maruntei and the youth, a worker for the children ministry. Pray that we will stay in His word and do what He wants us to do.

Thank you so much for being part to what we are doing. Your prayers, support, visits, encouraging messages mean a lot for us. May God bless and strengthen each of you! Thank you!

Tavi Berechet