May 2017

It was a good and a busy month serving Him. This monthI was focused on the ministry in Draganesti and also in Maruntei.

In Draganesti I prepared those who expressed their desire to be baptised . Weekly I met with them ( three young girls) and helped them to understand what mean to walk with the Lord. On 21st of the month they got baptised. It was a good and blessed time to see this girls declaring their faith in Christ. It was a big joy for me to baptise them.

Also I spent time praying and studing the Scripures to encourage Hope church through preaching.

Together with three brothers from Heart Cry organization we did two days of evangelistic activities (street evangelism and house visits). In this two days over 20 persons have heard the Gospel. These people were kind to us but also there were people who rejected us.

Please be in prayer for all of those who heard the Gospel to have the eyes of the heart opened and the seed planted in their hearts togrow.

We also tried to gather a few people and to havea fellowship time but only the owner of the house came. This is the place were we work and it is very dry. Pray for us to not be discouraged and also that God will bring others to work alongside to us.