March 2017

I thank God for the way how He works in our
lives and through our lives. He is the one who
keeps us in His ways. The month of March was a
blessed month with many beautiful things
We continue to plant the seed of the Gospel. So
in this context my wife organized an event for
the women in Maruntei.
Because of the lack of space she asked a lady
from Maruntei if she can use her living room for
this event. She was opened to the idea and on
the 12th of March about 11 women atteded to
it. It was a blessed time and we hope and pray
that this seed will grow in their lives.
Alongside to us was pastor Dave Taylor from
Canada. He blessed our ministry in Maruntei.
We did a social project for the needy people.
We offered hot soup for four families. We could
see joy on the face of the people and felt
blessed through this project. We pray that this
will grow and that we can be a blessing in this
way for the community.
Also we blessed 10 families with food bags and
encouraged them telling them about Christ’s
love. I served other people in Maruntei village
and we continued to do home visits and share
the Gospel to them.
Please be in prayer for us, for the people in
Maruntei to repent and to understand the
Gospel, for the children that weekly hear the
Word of God to believe and to be a light for
their families, for a space where we can buy in
order to run our activities, for a missionary
family to move here and for other missionaries
with spiritual gifts as evangelism . If you know
people interested in over seas ministry
according to our need you can put them in
contact to us.
Thank you for prayers, your encouragements
and all your support. May God bless you!