February 2017

We are very happy to work for God. It brings us much joy in our hearts. At the
same time, when we are out doingministry, we see how difficult it is to
impact a whole community without a team. This is why this month I worked to
establish a partnership with a group of young students from Cluj, a city in
northern Romania. These students are open to come and help the ministry in
Maruntei. Please pray that this will be a fruitful partnership and that God would
begin preparing the hearts of those in Maruntei.

This month I also spoke with Brother Marcel Cordos about our ministry in
Maruntei and our need for prayer, missionaries to come alongside us, and
short term teams. He invited us to come to his church on April 29th to promote our
ministry. Please pray for new doors to open through this opportunity.

We continued to do our routine activities in the community of Maruntei –
evangelistic visits and kids ministry. I want to share about a specific visit we
made with Brother Ilie Contiu. We visited Anuta and she invited several other
women in order to share the gospel, songs and scripture with them. Please
pray for Anuta, Silvia, Lenuta and their families to come to know the Lord.
Continue to pray for my sister and my niece. They are in the hospital still
struggling with health issues. Pray for healing and also pray for the salvation of
my sister, that she would come to know the Lord.

As a family, please pray for God-given strength and a renewed and growing
passion for the Lord and his ministry for us.

Thank you for your help and prayers.
May God bless each of you.