Updates from January

The month of  January was a blessedmonth and I saw God’s faithfulness in everything!. At the begining ofit I attended to a conference in Bucharest. Even I was having a cold and my body was so weak my soul found it very refreshing.  After this I came home and tried to arrange my weekly schedule. It wasnt easy because of my niece and sister situations.  I took my niece to an appointment in Bucharest to see a doctor. He rescheduled her for the month of February.Please be in prayer for her.

Also God put in my heart the desire to visit my sister in the hospital and to tell her that she needs to repent and to receive Jesus in her life. It was a good conversation and I pray and hope she will realise how muchGod loves her. She is better in her body but still in recovery. Please continue to pray for her soul and for her body.

We continue to do the kid’s ministry and even it was very cold the children didn’t stop coming. Nicoleta my wife is teaching them about the armor of God.

Please pray for usas missionaries to wear this armor every day and to remain faithful to Him no matter what.

I did evangelistic visits with Ilie. Pray that the people we talk will open their hearts to receive Jesus .

We need wisdom and boldness in the Name of Jesus.

We hope and pray that this year will be a fruitful year in every aspect.

Thank you for being part to our ministry! May God bless you!

Prayer requests: - for more people to come to know the Lord

-      other missionaries to come alongside to us

-      a place to buy so we can run our ministry activities