News from December

This month is known as the month of the
presents and indeed it was for our ministry.
The month of December was a very busy month.
At the beginning of the month we worked
together with 3 sisters from First Baptist
Jonesboro. We visited a few families . These
families were the poorest in Maruntei and it was
a big joy to bless them in the Name of Jesus with
food bags but also telling them about God’s
Our mission point was also blessed by
Samaritan’s purse organization.
Around 60 children received a gift. We hope
and pray that in the new year which is coming

the children will come to the children program
and will be a light for their families.
For those children who came to our children
group we made for them special gifts.Pastor
Dave Taylor and his church from Nova
Scotia,Canada expressed their love for our
ministry, making possible this project. The kids
enjoyed the gifts and felt encouraged. Another
project was “Food bags for poor families, a gift
for Christmas”. Ten families were blessed
through this project.
Our desire is to see the children and the people
in Maruntei that they will open their heart to
see the wonderful Gift given to us who is Jesus

This year with the group from our church in
Draganesti we went to carol 8 families from
It was a good time and other new families open
their hearts to hear us. We pray that this will be
a new start for our ministry.
Also this month I was to a youth conference
with two young man from Maruntei. It was a
good time for them. They were impressed with
everything was there.Please pray for them and
their families to repent. Their names are Dani
and Laurentiu.
Thank you for your support and love for us. May
God bless you!