News from November

Each month, it is a joy to share with you what is
happening in our lives and our ministry. In the
month of November we continued to do our
routine activities such as kids ministry and home
visits. It brings us much joy when we see kids
waiting for us each Saturday at Sanda’s house in
The hearts and desires of the children to be
there motivates us and gives us hope for the
future ministry of the community.

It was also a hard month for me and my family.
My sister and niece were both very sick and we
spent a lot of time taking trips to the hospital
and caring for them. It took a lot of our energy.
Please join us in praying for them, for their
health and healing. Pray especially for my sister
Stefania, her significant other Luci and my father
Marin who are not believers. Pray that through
this situation they would open their hearts and
seek God and receive his love.
Together with my wife we would like to start
some bible studies with families in Maruntei.
Please pray for open hearts in the families and
for God to give us wisdom in how to lead and
share with them.
Thank you for your prayers and support. We are
encouraged by all of you. May God bless you.