The time is flying and we do so many little and big things..

At the youth building we did some construction in order to have a kitchen and a fitness place. We did not finish yet but hopefully very soon will be done and hope that these blessings will be very useful in this ministry.

We celebrated the Easter. It was a good time going Sunday morning in Maruntei singing and worshiping our risen King . But before this the children did an empty grave at the children program. They were very good listneres of Jesus resurrection story. Please be in prayer for these children. Friday in the evening we invited people to come and see the movie This movie is very hard to be watched but this doesnt mean it wasn’t like that…so much sufferings..for us because He loved us..Thank you Lord for your love for us!

For two days we went in Alba Iulia for a retreat organized by our organization. It was a blessed time …we met our brothers and sisters who work for the Lord in different parts of the country and outside the country.

Also we were involved in the PVT program. We met new people and we served together. We did visits in Maruntei, Draganesti,. We talked with the people we met and tried to point their eyes to Christ and His love and grace. Also we were involved in Craiova to an evangelistic event and in Draganesti with the day camp for children.

In the same time I and Walter coordinated a PIEI team. It was a group of 27 students singers from Baylor University, Texas. They served the Lord so well with their gifts. It is so wonderful to see young people serving and sharing the love of Christ to those who do not know the Lord. Please be in prayer for the children, youth and adults who have heard about Jesus to come to know Him as their Saviour. They did prayer walk, visits, sport event for the youth and everywhere they went they praised God with their voices.

We are very encouraged to see God’s Church working together for His Glory and we are blessed to have you as our partners.

Octavian Berechet - PIEI Missionary

God does not despise the weak beginnings

WhatsApp Image 2019-024-04 at 22.31.08.jpeg

I will start this report saying that it is hard for me to write reports. But I know how important is for me and for you to see how God works in and through our lives and to see how He intervenes in each detail.

One of our desires was to have  our own place where we could run our activities. So for this reason we started to pray. One of our partners named Dave Taylor from Canada was praying in the same time with us regarding of what God put in our hearts. A ship container was the dream.  He told us about the dream and we felt it was from God.But we didn't know from where or with what money we were going to buy it and to make it in order to be used as a church building.  A few months later a very sad news came from Dave. His wife died in a car accident.  Dave asked all the people at the funeral instead to buy flowers, to donate those money for the ministry in Romania and  more specific for the ministry in Maruntei ( in the southern part of Romania) to have a place where they can gather as small group for bible study.  The amount of money was exact the amount that we paid for the container, to bring it and to make the needed  changes of the inside to look like a small room so we can seat around for studying the bible.These three months of the year are gone and so many little and big things happened.

This month it was a busy and good month for us. We were gone for 2 days at a conference called M4. This conference teaches us how to become better in church planting ministry. It helped us to see where we are and also to establish objectives that will make our work to be more efficient. One of our objectives was to move the ship container in another strategic place. So we moved it. It was not easy because we had to work a lot, to find people, trucks in order to move it, cleaning the place and so on. We are thankful to God for all who helped, prayed and supported this work. Taylor family from Canada were a real support for us and we praise God for them.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-04 at 22.28.25.jpeg

In the last Sunday of March we had our first meeting in Maruntei. A few adults and some children came. We felt good and surrounded by God s grace. Dave encouraged us to persever and also reminded us that God does not despise the weak beginnings. So you can pray that in this place God s presence to be upon us and many souls this year to come to know the Lord in a powerful way.

I had the opportunity to present our ministry to a group of believers. They were from the PVT program( Parents Vision Trip). We felt encouraged by their prayers and their desire to get involved. We did home visits and we gave food bags.

We pray that they will see Gods love in us.

Thank you again for being there for us. Its only His grace in our lives.

Please also pray for the youth ministry in Draganesti. We need wisdom , love for the young generation. There were organized different events for the youth,. The purpose of these events were to help them with education and also to share them the Gospel.(evangelistic event, quitar lessons,computer lessons. Please be in prayer for our youth! They need the Lord.

Octavian Berechet - PIEI Missionary

While investing in their spiritual life, we also invest in their education.

The Bible teaches us to be the head and not the tail. Motivated by the teaching of the Bible and the desire to share the gospel with other young people, we have initiated a course for office training for youth.

Children needs Jesus - Let them come to Him

“…Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:14)

“...Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18: 3)


By looking at Scripture, we can see Jesus' concern for the young. Jesus' disciples chased children away, believing that adults had the priority, that only they had right and the importance to talk to the Master, but Jesus shocked them, showing them that in His eyes children were of great importance.

As in the time of Jesus, today we still tend to forget that we need to spend time on young people. We forget that they will become tomorrow’s Church.

God has placed on my heart and on my wife’s heart the call to invest in youth by planting and watering God’s Word and His principles in their hearts. Below, are a few of the ways in which the Lord has used me lately in this direction:

Over the last few months I have formed a group of four youth boys in Maruntei; their names are Costi, Cătă, Andrei and Adi. I have regular meetings with the boys for the purpose of evangelism because they are not yet believers. With every meeting, my desire is that God would work in their lives more and more, and that the Word of Truth would take root in their hearts. I want to see them repent and become followers of Christ, growing in godly character.

By building a close connection with them, I can be an example and pour into their lives with God’s Word. In order to strengthen these relationships, I have eaten meals with them and I have taken them to various evangelistic events (including the one in the photo below, organized in Drăgăneşti).

A fellowship event organized with the young people from Drăgăneşti where about 30 unbelieving youth took part.

Youth Gathering in Slatina. Through this meeting, we wanted to create a Christian atmosphere in which youth from both Slatina and Drăgăneşti could be acquainted and be able to relate to one another, thereby removing the perception that "Christians will be isolated and will have a closed life once they repent”. For today’s youth the life of faith is misrepresented and distorted by the world. We want to provide a trustworthy, unbiased and correct perspective on the life of faith and the Christian community. This is a starting point for a personal knowledge of God and communion in His Church.

I thank God that the work with children and youth was not limited to Drăgăneşti and the nearby areas. Each December we have taken youth to an Evangelistic Event in Alba Iulia, and there the youth often experience God in a greater way. This year, the event almost didn’t happen, but I urged them to have it, knowing how impactful it can be. In the end, I was able to facilitate and organize a group of 40 youth from Draganesti and the surrounding areas to go to the event where they had the opportunity to hear the Gospel.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

We thank God that this year He blessed us with resources, and that we were able to provide gifts as a reward for the 12 children who consistently participated constantly in our programs in 2018.

As we look back and reflect on the last year, we are thankful for all the projects that, with God’s help, touched hundreds of youth and children with the Gospel!


  • That the seed planted in the hearts of youth and adolescents will take root and produce the fruit of salvation!

  • That through the children, the Gospel will reach their families and bring them to repentance;

  • For short term teams.

  • For God to strengthen our long term team in Maruntei, in our knowledge of Him and our relationships with each other.

  • For a long term children’s worker in Maruntei.

  • For the Lord to send us the financial resources necessary to carry out the youth and children evangelism projects we have planned for 2019.

Octavian Berechet - PIEI Missionary

A Big God in a Small Village


We are very thankful to God for your prayers for Teodora, the baby. She is a very good baby and we feel so blessed to have her. We celebrated her dedication and it was a blessed time for all of us.

For the summer time we had a break in the children ministry. We had only a few special events for them, but starting September we meet regularly on Tuesdays. We were visited by our partners from Canada, Dave and Phill and we felt so blessed through their presence. We did different activities. We visited people, gave them food bags and we had the eyeglasses project in Maruntei. And with these opportunities we shared the Gospel.

We reinitiated the cantine project through which we offer lunch to those in need. It is a wonderful time to show God s love and to talk with them and listening to what they have to say.

As you probably know I work also for  the youth ministry in Draganesti and one  Saturday Dave and Phill  had an word of encouragement and after that we had some pizza and games. Please pray for the youth that they will stay strong in the faith of our Lord. There are so big temptations and they quikly can be attracted by this world. We want to see a young generation who declare that Jesus is the Lord with boldness. The youth program is named Catalist and, a few days ago, our group welcomed some boys from Maruntei who are very happy to be with us. We are very glad for this and hope that they will understand Gods love for them.

Together we served the children from Maruntei. Pray for this new season of children ministry that they will come and have desire after the Lord.

 Also we had a team from Texas lead by our brother Keith. It was wonderful to see them and to serve again for Gods kingdom. Together, we visited people, gave them food bags and had activities with children. We appreciate everyone's effort to come from such a big distance to serve and love others. Thank you!

We prayed and you prayed for others to come alongside to us for the ministry in Maruntei. And for more weeks George and Sorin expressed their desire to be part of this ministry. Please pray for me to know how to coordinate this small team, for them to be what the Lord wants them to be, for financial ressources for them, the salvation of the people in Maruntei and the youth, a worker for the children ministry. Pray that we will stay in His word and do what He wants us to do.

Thank you so much for being part to what we are doing. Your prayers, support, visits, encouraging messages mean a lot for us. May God bless and strengthen each of you! Thank you!

Tavi Berechet

Updates from Maruntei


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
It’s been a while since we didn’t write about us. So we would would like to tell you what happened lately in our lives but also in the ministry that we do.

First of all  I have the joy to announce you that with God’s help we will have another member in our family. :)My wife will due in July so please pray for a safe birth. Probably she will do C section and this would be the third one.
We want to share with you some events that happened  during the last three months.

In March we were visited by brother Dave Taylor from Canada.  Together we had a few projects that we were involved.
We repaired the ceiling of the ship container, did some visits and gave food bags. We also did soup kitchen for those who accepted and our purpose was to create relationships around the table. This project is only for the  cold season.

In the community of Draganesti we were involved in a construction project. Two years ago we replaced  a fence for the kindergarten and this year we were able to replace the main door for the kid’s entrance. The principle and teachers were glad about this blessing and they expressed their gratitude. The  old door was damaged and when the winter came the  snow could go inside.

For the first time a team of teenagers from Germany came to work alongside to us. They came as an answer to our and your prayers from December. They were lead by  family. It was a blessed time. We did kid’s ministry . Around 20 children came and enjoyed the time  spent with them. For  three days they prepared the lessons and did  crafts. For the youth in Draganesti we organized a football game and also a movie night. The teenagers enjoyed both events and they also were exposed to the Gospel through a skit that they had prepared.

In the month of April I was able to go to a conference with Paul Ebell and Mihai Ileana.  It was a conference for those who are involved in the youth ministry. It was a building conference and brought us ideas  how to work with this generation of young people.

Beside the ministry in Maruntei I am part of the staff for the youth ministry in Draganesti. It is an out reach ministry among the youth that is on my heart since two years ago. Please pray for this ministry that the teenagers will be saved and for us as leaders to know how to help them in knowing Jesus as their personal Saviour.
I coordinated the staying of Cornel Stef, the president of PIEI organization, and the team he brought from USA.
They prepared a conference for christian women . It was a good conference and they were built up in their spirit. During the conference time I was with part of the team to evangelize people in three villages.

With the women from this team we organized a meeting for the women in Maruntei. Before the meeting I ask the Lord to send at least ten ladies. When the meeting started there were only 2 women and after 10 minutes other 10 women came with their children. I was encouraged through this experience and saw God how faithfull He is.
This conference was organized in the week before Easter and the speaker draw the ladies attention to Christ who suffered on the cross for our sins. Be in prayer for all of those who heard the Gospel to open their hearts for the Lord.
There were many things that happened and we pray that the Lord will use us for His glory. Thank you for being part to these ministries. May God bless each of you!

Tavi Berechet

Objectives for 2018

The month of January means the month of a new year, the year of 2018.  And usualy this season I try to pray and  to establish new objectives. I want to share some of them with you so you can pray
We would like this year to meet other 10 families to whom we can share the Gospel
Three families that we can invite in a different context and share with them the Gospel( a meal or going somewhere to visit something)
Finding a person that will take the responsibility for the kids ministry and a person with the gift of evangelism


  1. We would like this year to meet other 10 families to whom we can share the Gospel

  2. Three families that we can invite in a different context and share with them the Gospel( a meal or going somewhere to visit something)

  3. Finding a person that will take the responsibility for the kids ministry and a person with the gift of evangelism

Meeting even a child

Meeting even a child

4. Helping brother Marinel to grow in his relationship with God

We know that we can do nothing without His help so please pray for us not to be tired because of doing His work. Pray for strenghth and passion and a fire for people to be in our lives.

Helping people with firewood

Helping people with firewood

Equipment for preaching

Equipment for preaching

May God bless each of you!

 Tavi Berechet

Important: Select Fund: ROMANIA MINISTRIES, Sub Fund: 24230

Evangelistic event in Maruntei

We want to praise God for His faithfulness and the way how He provides for His ministry.

The month of December was a month full with activities. We were visited by pastor Lanny Loe and his team. They came to support the missionaries in their points and also to share the Gospel.


In Maruntei we organized an evangelistic event. Around 20 people attended to it. The Gospel was shared. Pray that In His timing these people to open their hearts to receive Christ as their Personal Savior.

I was in Germany to help Kevin with his ministry and also to meet  a couple who work with G.E.M organization.


Both of us tried to estabilsh a partnership for the ministry in Romania and they felt that God wants them to come and to lead a team for short term ministry. Also they blessed the children ministry with 30 shoes  boxes . We saw this like an answer from God for this year and for this season. Also the leader from the team from Cluj who worked with us in the summer, called me and told that they also have 45 gifts bags for the children in Maruntei. We praise God for how He provided.


Those children who came every week were rewarded. Our brother from Canada , David Taylor and his church sent ressources to buy for them special gifts. They were very happy receiving  those gifts.

Also we did social visits and we were able to bless some families with food bags.

Through all these we want to bring glory to God. We are very thankful for all  of you who pray, support and encourage us.

May God bless each of you!

Tavi Berechet

Important: Select Fund: ROMANIA MINISTRIES, Sub Fund: 24230

Youth event in Alba Iulia


The month of November was a blessed month. God is the one who gives us strength to accomplish His will. In this sense please pray that we will understand His will more and more.
As you already know I am a member of PIEI
(Partners In Evangelism International) organization and this year the president of the organization , Cornel Stef with a group of people visited us. I was the one who administrated their time here. His purpose was to encourage the missionaries and also to see how he can find other partners for the ministry in south of Romania. It was a blessed time and we pray that this partnerships will grow and will bear fruits for the kingdom of God.
The ministry with the kids in Maruntei is a good ministry. We pray that the kids will receive the Word of God in their lives and will take it in their families.
I coordinated a group of 45 persons for the youth event in Alba Iulia hosted by the Harmony church. The purpose of the conference was to expose those who were not believers to the Gospel and to encourage the christians as well. The theme was You are loved. It was a good experience and we pray that the Word of God will find good soil.
For my relationship with my wife it was very good the conference I attended to. It was a family conference. I praise God for the wife He gave me. She is a really blessing for my life and together want to serve the Lord, our Savior.
Thank you for taking time to read our news and also for your prayers. May God bless you.


October 2017

The month of October was a blessed month!


We could feel His presence in our lives and in our ministry. Phill, Dave, Ceryl and Ada from Canada visited us and helped with the ministry.

Through this team God gave us a container which we arranged it in order to run our activities here.


 We worked very hard to finish it. We put it in a brother’s yard. The people from the village were asking what is all about and it was  a good opportunity to tell them about the purpose of the container. Now we meet with the kids inside of the container and we have a small kitchen to use it. Also we have prayers meetings and a soup kitchen project. We praise God for all of those  who donated for this project and  made it possible.

 We gave some food bags and also organize 2 events:  Eye glasses project and Canada has talent event for the young people in Draganesti.

 Please be in prayer for the lost people , for those who attended to this projects that they will see God and seek God .


September 2017

Blessed is our Lod Jesus Christ!

We want to share with you God’s work in us and through  in the month of September.

An important event that took place and which I coordinated it was the youth meeting from Alba Iulia. Around  40 teenagers  from our ministry area had ( believers and non believers) the opportunity to hear the Gospel. Three persons said that they want to give their lives to Jesus. Please pray that this desire will remain in  their hearts. Dani Buzurin is from Maruntei and   attended to this conference. His family is not opened but we pray that God will change their hearts. Pray for him also that his desire  will grow after God and he would be an authentic believer.

Also I did a lot for planning their time here in Romania for our canadian partners for the october month.

Thank you for your prayers and support!God bless you!


August 2017

We praise God for how He works and His plan is wonderful!

We would like to share with you new things that happened in our ministry.


As we told you we attended to a kids and youth camp. It was a blessed time spent with those that we know personally.

There were 8 teenagers from Maruntei who attended. It was a good sign for us because the parents trusted us to let their children for5 days in a christian tent camp in forest. God protected everyone this time but we could see that even they understand some things that we tried to explained to them still is so hard to take a decision for Christ. So consider to pray for these young people tobe lightened by the Holy Spirit.

This month we had the PVT program, so we were able to work with some of the parents and their children. We did visits praying and sharing the Gospel. We could see on the people’s faces the joy that someone is listening to them and loving them.

We gave also food bags to those in need. Pray that the hope of Christ to shine in the life of the people in Maruntei. And if you know someone intrested in oversea ministry, Maruntei village is a good place to come.  And not good becauseis something good in it and because it is in need of the light of Christ.

Pray also for our family that we will do only those thingsthat are according to His will.

 May God bless each of you!


July 2017

Praise be the Lord!

We thank God for how He brings people to help us in the ministry in Maruntei.


The month of July was a blessed month and a busy month. God gave us energy to accomplish all  the planned and unplanned activities. We had teams from Romania, Holland, America and Switzerland who came for short term and served alongside to us.

We had 10 young people from Cluj, Romania who organized four days of VBS. It was an intensive time  with many children.

The children were good listeners during the program and enjoyed the games. The team from Switzerland also worked with the children. They had  songs , a skit and games for the children. The team from Holland had two days of ministry in Maruntei.

As you can read our newsletter you see so many acitivities for children. We invite you to pray that each kid to understand and to receive Jesus in his life. Pray also for the parents to open their hearts and the Holy Spirit will convince them and they would accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

The team from America did a good work also. We visited several families, prayed together  and shared the Gospel. Also they were blessed with a bag of food.

In the last week of the month my wife was a leader in the kids camp organized in Slaveni. It was a tent camp. The theme of the camp was The Kingdom of God. Three children from Maruntei were able to attend to it. There were 45 children . Please also pray for these kids  that they will have desire in their hearts to follow Christ.

Thank you for prayers and supporting us!


May 2017

It was a good and a busy month serving Him. This monthI was focused on the ministry in Draganesti and also in Maruntei.

In Draganesti I prepared those who expressed their desire to be baptised . Weekly I met with them ( three young girls) and helped them to understand what mean to walk with the Lord. On 21st of the month they got baptised. It was a good and blessed time to see this girls declaring their faith in Christ. It was a big joy for me to baptise them.

April 2017

Christ is risen!

I am happy to serve our living  and almighty God.

It was a good and a busy month serving Him. I was involed in organizing the fellowship event  after the Easter day.  The members of Hope church and their friends were invited for fellowship. We invited a  young couple from Maruntei to spend time with us and to see how “the repenters” can have fun. It was a good and blessed time and they appreciated our invitation.

February 2017

We are very happy to work for God. It brings us much joy in our hearts. At the
same time, when we are out doingministry, we see how difficult it is to
impact a whole community without a team. This is why this month I worked to
establish a partnership with a group of young students from Cluj, a city in
northern Romania. These students are open to come and help the ministry in
Maruntei. Please pray that this will be a fruitful partnership and that God would
begin preparing the hearts of those in Maruntei.

Updates from January

The month of  January was a blessedmonth and I saw God’s faithfulness in everything!. At the begining ofit I attended to a conference in Bucharest. Even I was having a cold and my body was so weak my soul found it very refreshing.  After this I came home and tried to arrange my weekly schedule. It wasnt easy because of my niece and sister situations.  I took my niece to an appointment in Bucharest to see a doctor. He rescheduled her for the month of February.Please be in prayer for her.

News from December

This month is known as the month of the
presents and indeed it was for our ministry.
The month of December was a very busy month.
At the beginning of the month we worked
together with 3 sisters from First Baptist
Jonesboro. We visited a few families . These
families were the poorest in Maruntei and it was
a big joy to bless them in the Name of Jesus with
food bags but also telling them about God’s