Investing in the next generation

I want to bring thanks in this way to all of you who support us in prayer, that the church planting be done in the Lord's Will
In this work in which the Lord called me and my wife Cristina, I saw a lot of spiritual needs, especially in the kids ministry. They are very confused and need to be helped to see, to know another world (the world of God). A child from our group, when asked what he want to do in life, what profession he like he said: A thief, i want to be a thief, that’s what I like. Another one answered to the question: What do you love the most? He said: I love lazyness, i love to do nothing. These children need to grow different, to learn something else that they learn in their family. We continue to invest in them.

Prayer Requests:

  • For these children to be changed by the Lord.

  • For their parents to let them attend to our weekly meetings

  • Pray that we have resources to go to different places to meet other children.

  • Pray for us as a family, to have our budget covered.

John Vlad - PIEI Missionary