For many are called, but few are chosen


With God’s help, this month we started again to evangelize people on the streets. Also, as you may know, this month, we started meetings with the young people from Greci village, a year ago, we had around 50, 60 young people, this year we started with 19 young people, but i’m glad! They have not forgotten the purpose of our meetings and they confess that they are excited to be part of these meetings and they want to be different from the rest of the young people.

I was in 4 localities, to see the old people there, to help them, and it was a great surprise to hear the poor old men wondering how much they should give us for what they received. When I told them to thank God, that we want nothing in return, I saw tears of joy, many of them testified that no one had opened their door, to give them anything. I was moved. I thank God for all who support us on the mission field, and I pray that we can be light and hope in a society that sinks more and more into the dark every day.

Prayer Requests:

  • For young people from Greci village.

  • For the working crew of the church: strength in service.

  • At least one Baptism for this year.

  • Financial, to raise the necessary amount of money to complete the work inside the church building.

  • For the Vlad family, the protection of the Lord over us.

Ion Vlad - PIEI Missionary