Full of gratitude - God is at work!


We are grateful to God for the doors He opens for us so the people can hear His Word!
In December 2018, with the approval of the local leadership, we were able to organize a concert in the school building. It was a christian concert with the purpose to evangelize people. Dozens of people came to listen the Gospel through songs and a short message. We pray that God will work in their hearts! Through God's mercy, we could spend the whole month in the middle of people who need to hear the Word.

In these times, more than ever, people were more open to the Gospel and this fact encouraged us to arrange another event with carols, testimonies and a short biblical message. This event was held in Greci village, where we have kids and youth ministries.

During the last few years, we managed to earn peoples' trust because of our seriosity in ministry which led to the spreading of the Gospel. Approximately 100 people heard the Word through our project. At the end of the meeting, brothers from the church  offered gifts to the locals. Glory to God for His amazing work! Now, our local church continues to visit these people, to build stronger relationships with them and to invite them to church.

Please pray for:

1. God does His work in the hearts of those who didn't hear the Gospel
2. We want to be a light in this spiritual darkness
3. Protection for our children in the middle of this society and at school
4. Strength and resources for the ministry