Many blessings from the Lord!

More than 2 years ago, the Lord answered our prayers and in Perieti (the place where I’ve planted the Word of God for many years), God gave us fruits and four people accepted Christ as Lord and Savior and wanted to be baptized.

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Once I met with Brother Raul and he told me that I am like someone who makes the people to get through the door, but due to the lack of a Sheppard to pastor their souls, the people were entering through one door and getting out through another. Then I prayed to God so He can give me strength to minister so I went from evangelize to discipleship and today as a church, we are happy that these four souls are deeply rooted in the Lord and they are involved in the work of the Church.

Another joy is that at an evangelistic event, the Lord saved one soul and after six months he confesses that the met the living God. Once, in a private meeting with this man called Nicu, he confessed how God was the One who filled him with joy and released him from the spirit of alcohol. He is now coming regularly to our Church services and he has the desire of growing in the Lord.


Prayer requests:

  • For baptism in Perieti

  • Two evangelistic events in the area of Perieti church

  • Protection over our children, especially when they are at school among students

  • God to provide for our family needs