Pray for Marin!

On this occasion, i would like to share with you some of the things that God is doing in the area of Perieti church: i have decided to reach with the Gospel to some people from this area that are not so friendly or kind.

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I went to visit a man called Marin and i told him about the goodness of God, after i have visited him few times, he started to open and to become really close with our family, then we invited him for lunch few times, took him with me in different trips.

After some time, Marin shared with, while crying, about the prayers he raised to God while he was in Greece, so God can help him to come back home.

Later on, i invitee him to our church service and he gladly accepted the invitation.
We prayed as a family and decided to offer Marin 2 meals a day and clothes and help him to reintegrate back into society.
We would like to thank you for your support in prayer and to those who are offering financial support so we can continue sharing the Gospel. Amen!

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Prayer requests:

1. Please pray so that Marin would be saved
2. So God can help us to buy a new bus for the mission work.

3. For the salvation of the people from the villages where we share the Gospel.
4. God take care of our family.


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