Evangelistic Event in Schitu

This month we remember that God has been given to the world the greatest gift, his Son Jesus Christ for the salvation of our souls. 


In December, we have managed to fulfill the Gospel by preaching publicly the good news of the forgiveness of sin  of those who believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. By God's grace we organized and Evangelistic event at the community center in Schitu. On this occasion, around 50 not born again people heard the Gospel. 

We also tried to help poor people in their needs by visiting them together with a team from America and with the occasion of Jesus's birth they have bought food for these families.

I was glad to see god God toughed not only the hearts of the people we were visiting but also some people from the team said that this experience made them appreciate more what they have and they will be more careful with all the things that they received from God.

Prayer requests:

1 Protection upon the Church

2 Protection upon the work  and the servants in this area and  

3 Protection upon my family

4 That we can reach to the Church regularly and in the area that we work in: the church van is broken and many pieces from it need to be changed