God Won the Battle

First of all, I want to thank you for being a part of our prayer partners’ team in the ministry here in Perieti Village, Romania. I also wanted to let you know that I feel you prayers because I know that some people far away are praying for the work here in this Southern part of Romania in the villages where several of us national missionaries work as a team. The villages of Perieti, Lisa, Grecu and a few others.

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On the mission field we face good news and also bad news daily; we face discouragement and disappointments but God sees to also encourage us. The evil one is trying to put doubts into the work that we do, but we know that He overcame the evil one. We all need you continuous prayers.

Three years ago early in the spring time in Perieti we challenged the church to pray specifically for the church’s neighbors. God brought one by one in our Sunday morning congregation, Georghisi, Ilie, Nicu, and there are others that came in. God answered our prayers.

Nicu was a violent man, enslaved by alcohol and every time I saw him I would stop and call on him to come to the church meetings. I had invited him on various occasions, I prayed and prayed to God to save him. Even though he was drunk most of the time, I still wanted him to be with us in the church service. When he first came to our service he was unhappy, speaking out loud that he can not worship with us because we do not have candles and … what kind of church is this?

This passed spring I had a team that came with brother Mimi to work at home in Lisa where his family lives. I asked him and the team that came in if he wanted to do an event with the team at the church. We all together agreed and we organized an evangelistic meeting at church with the intention to give out gardening planting seeds for the people in the village. ( such as beans, carrots, herbs, etc.). Usually the villagers are interested in the event being a fact that they do not have to buy the seeds someplace else. Personally I invited quite a few people myself but at the same time I was disappointed because they did not express interest to come. I prayed that God would work in the peoples hearts to bring them to church, I know that He can do a much better job than me. I was optimistic knowing and trusting that God is in control.

There was a significant number of people that came, 50, 60 people. At the end of the event Nicu came, saying that he did not want seeds, he wanted nothing from us, but that he was struggling day and night about his alcohol addiction which became a bondage to him. The words of God “God loves even the dunkers” cannot come out of his mind, and he cannot sleep. Immediately we all prayed with him as he was kneeling and crying to the Lord, pleading that he does not want to leave from here without God in his heart, and without a changed life. He believed! He had faith that God can change him, he confessed with his mouth and accepted Jesus as his Savior as we were all amazed.

Last night on December 9th he declared to the whole world -to witness seen and unseen - that Jesus Christ is his SAVIOR - and wanted everyone to know that He can change lives. Look at his face how is shining for Jesus. Glory of God forever and ever Amen.


  • In 2019 we desire to grow the children and youth groups

  • This winter I want to visit all the homes of the children and talk to their parents and share the Gospel with them in their own home, explaining how they can have a personal relationship with God

  • Pray that we can cover the whole village with New Testaments distribution

  • The Lord to grow our local church, in number of believers and also spiritually

  • To have another believer’s baptismal service in 2019

With love,

your servant John Vlad, PIE-Romania National Missionary