July 2017


This month we experienced trials, but we were also blessed by God.  I went through a physical crisis and I was hospitalized. Doctors diagnosed me with diabetes. It happened exactly in the week when my daughters were to be baptized. The youth group with whom I meet weekly for evangelism and discipleship would attend this event but because of my physical condition I could not bring them to the baptism in Draganesti-Olt. There are young people with many problems, some take drugs, others are treated with violence in their  family, and others quit going to school.

However, I was thankful that the doctors understood that it was an important event for me and they let me leave the hospital for 24 hours to participate at the baptism event. I thank God for His mercy and for all of you who have prayed for us!

With God on our side, we are more than conquerors!


Please pray for:

  • The Youth group
  • For those who have expressed their desire to be baptized
  • For my family protection and for all we need in ministry
  • For the spiritual and numerical growth of the church in Perieti