April 2017

We praise the Lord for the care he carries for his children and for all mankind, and we thank all of you who support us in prayer and engaging in various church activities.

This month I had an experience and I want to share it with all of you.

An old lady of the Church of God, God cared for you by those who care for her physical needs. I went and took him chicken and hen, so much so that he was glad he started crying because , Two days ago, his neighbor had killed his chickens.

We are also glad for the coming of more people to the church who are seeking God. I want to be part of a personal joy.

 One year I go to Greci family visits on various evangelistic occasions on the street, with the coming Springtime God brings us the joy of openness to many hearts. We invited young people from Greci and attended over 50-60 young people.

Jacob cap5 v7

Prayer reqests:

- Pray for all the evangelistic events that will take place at the church in Perieti

-For New Testament baptism at Perieti church

-For young people from Schitu

-Guesting to meet young people from Greci