February 2017

We are so happy to see how God has answered our prayers and has blessed us.
We had a woman at our church who stopped coming to services because she
believed she could worship alone in her home. We were praying for her and this
month she returned to our church. God  answered our prayers and showed her
the importance of fellowship.

We have also seen God work in the lives of our two daughters Tabita and
Rebecca. One day a teacher asked them where their names came from. Tabita,
who is more extroverted, quickly replied that their names were from the Bible.
The teacher told them “You are not baptized?!” (Baptism is very important in
the Orthodox faith), but the girls explained that they were dedicated to
the Lord. This teacher, because he was Orthodox and had studied theology,
believed it was wrong that they were only dedicated and not baptized. When
the girls came home from school, we took the opportunity to open the Bible
and confirm what the Word of God says. We were happy to encourage them.

Prayer requests:
 Protection for our family,
especially our children at their school.
 Protection for the church in Perieti.
 For people in our communities to know Christ as Lord and make the decision to be baptized.