News from October

The month of October was with many trials for
our family. But we praise God for His strenght
and wisdom He gave us. Our daughter, Rebeca
was beaten in school by a young student.
Without any reason he attacked and punched
her. Later on I met his parents and their
behaviour was not appropriate. The father spat
on me. A friend of mine was with me and saw
my attitude towards the father, a loving
attitude. Such an attitude can not come from
man, only from God. We give thanks to God for
being able to fight not with the weapons of the
After a while she had an appendix surgery.
Going through all of this was not easy but
praise God for His mercy and endurance. Thank
you all for your prayers and encouragements.
I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with
the authorities( police officers, teachers, stuff
from the hall city ) from Schitu. Pray for these
people to be saved.
I continued to do evangelistic visits in Greci,
pastoral visits for some believers and kid’s
ministry. The prayer group is growing and we
praise God for the answered prayers.
Prayer requests:
- for a baptism in 2017
- to be aliving Gospel for the community
- ressources for the project” Giving Hope”(
we take care of two men and girls)
- for our protection
- for our expenses to be covered