News from November

First I want to thank you for the prayers for my
family. Rebecca has been recovering well and
her health is now stable. We are thankful for
how God cares for us and comforts our hearts in
hard times.
This month we had the opportunity to show the
people around us the love of God. We spent
November preparing for an evangelistic event
held in early December which gave us the
opportunity to reach many people. As I
organized the event, God gave me favor with
the mayor, the director of the school and other
administration in the community. It was an
opportunity to strengthen my relationship with
them. I was able to visit many people in their
homes to invite them and share God’s word
with them. We were also able to reach many
children through our children’s ministry.
We were also able to bless an older woman
from our church in Perieti with food to help her
this winter. Thank you for your prayers and
support. It is because of you we are able to help
people in our community. God bless you!