Dedication of Ion Vlad –PIE/Romania missionary

“Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard
through the word about Christ”. - Romans 10:17

According to Paul's statement faith is heard through the word of God, the gospel. This is our motivation behind on eof our projects: A New Testament for Every House. Every time a village iscovered with New Testaments I feel that the Father is saying "Well done my servants."
Nothing compares with the joy that we have in pleasing God and praising Him through our ministry. In June, another district from the big city of Craiova was covered with New Testaments.
Many missionaries, including a group from the USA, have been involved in spreading the Good News with every single house, sharing the gospel and even praying with them. Twomissionaries living in Craiova to start a church also follow up on the seeds that are planted through the New Testament project.

This summer we want to cover as many villages as possible with the New Testaments, and invite you to participate. With each New Testament Bible delivered, we include a personal testimony written in English. Our motivation behind this is it serves as an opportunity to return to that home for a second visit to provide a translation and continue building that foundation.
Will you join us in our project?

We appreciate your willingness to allow your testimonies to be used to make an
impact in the lives of the people receiving these Bibles.
For more details or to provide your testimony, please feel free to email.

Many of you know the story with John Vlad, and his path to becoming a Christian.
I want to share with you the joy I had last month, when our church had the privilege to dedicate him in the consecration. Now, starting in July he will be able to baptize new believers accepting Christ.  This is a celebration allowing him to expand his ministry impact!