Many blessings from the Lord!

More than 2 years ago, the Lord answered our prayers and in Perieti (the place where I’ve planted the Word of God for many years), God gave us fruits and four people accepted Christ as Lord and Savior and wanted to be baptized.

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Once I met with Brother Raul and he told me that I am like someone who makes the people to get through the door, but due to the lack of a Sheppard to pastor their souls, the people were entering through one door and getting out through another. Then I prayed to God so He can give me strength to minister so I went from evangelize to discipleship and today as a church, we are happy that these four souls are deeply rooted in the Lord and they are involved in the work of the Church.

Another joy is that at an evangelistic event, the Lord saved one soul and after six months he confesses that the met the living God. Once, in a private meeting with this man called Nicu, he confessed how God was the One who filled him with joy and released him from the spirit of alcohol. He is now coming regularly to our Church services and he has the desire of growing in the Lord.


Prayer requests:

  • For baptism in Perieti

  • Two evangelistic events in the area of Perieti church

  • Protection over our children, especially when they are at school among students

  • God to provide for our family needs

Sharing God's Grace in Perieti

As i previously mentioned in the newletters, we  have the joy, as a family and as a team, to present God to other people, who is full of mercy for the mankind. In the winter, we couldn't meet with the youth or to have major evangelistical events, i had more time to discipleship and of course to visit people with the purpose of sharing the Gospel where God is opening doors for us.

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For a while, God has given us several winters in a row, a person that we can take care of.

In the winter of 2017-2018, God has helped us in taking care of two people: sometimes we helped Iliuta and by God's Grace we could provide two hot meals per day for another man called Marin.

Our joy in the Lord is that Marin's neighbours confess about Marin that since he is coming to our meetings, he became a more responsible man.

For Marin, this winter was very hard, because in his house, which is very old, the walls started to fall.

Prayer requests:

● Please pray that God may save many people.                                                                                          ● So God will save Marin.
● For us to be able to have a mission budget for the maintenance of the bus.
● For protection over our children when they are at school.

Pray for Marin!

On this occasion, i would like to share with you some of the things that God is doing in the area of Perieti church: i have decided to reach with the Gospel to some people from this area that are not so friendly or kind.

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I went to visit a man called Marin and i told him about the goodness of God, after i have visited him few times, he started to open and to become really close with our family, then we invited him for lunch few times, took him with me in different trips.

After some time, Marin shared with, while crying, about the prayers he raised to God while he was in Greece, so God can help him to come back home.

Later on, i invitee him to our church service and he gladly accepted the invitation.
We prayed as a family and decided to offer Marin 2 meals a day and clothes and help him to reintegrate back into society.
We would like to thank you for your support in prayer and to those who are offering financial support so we can continue sharing the Gospel. Amen!

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Prayer requests:

1. Please pray so that Marin would be saved
2. So God can help us to buy a new bus for the mission work.

3. For the salvation of the people from the villages where we share the Gospel.
4. God take care of our family.


Evangelistic Event in Schitu

This month we remember that God has been given to the world the greatest gift, his Son Jesus Christ for the salvation of our souls. 


In December, we have managed to fulfill the Gospel by preaching publicly the good news of the forgiveness of sin  of those who believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. By God's grace we organized and Evangelistic event at the community center in Schitu. On this occasion, around 50 not born again people heard the Gospel. 

We also tried to help poor people in their needs by visiting them together with a team from America and with the occasion of Jesus's birth they have bought food for these families.

I was glad to see god God toughed not only the hearts of the people we were visiting but also some people from the team said that this experience made them appreciate more what they have and they will be more careful with all the things that they received from God.

Prayer requests:

1 Protection upon the Church

2 Protection upon the work  and the servants in this area and  

3 Protection upon my family

4 That we can reach to the Church regularly and in the area that we work in: the church van is broken and many pieces from it need to be changed


November 2017


This month I had the joy of seeing the Word of God again fulfilled and lived. In the words of the wise Solomon, in Proverbs chapter 22, verse 6 it is written: Train a child in the way he should go And when he is old he will not depart from it. Among the activities and actions we made last month, we had a great joy to be part of an event where we shared the Gospel in Craiova, in which our daughters were eager to be part of. They got a day off from school so they would be able to come with me in mission, they also wanted to do house visits with me in the local work. We praise God for this work. Please pray for us: 1. That God will continue to put in Rebeca and Tabita hunger for His Word
HOPE CHURCH Spreading the Gospel in Southern Oltenia
Ministry of PIEI-ROMANIA November 2017
2. That God will bring fruit through the seed that was planted 3. That we can raise the necessary funds so we can finish the repair of the interior of the church from Perieti 4. So God will continue to take care of our spiritual and material needs as family

October 2017

By God's grace this year we had an open door in the village of Greci. Here we slowly built a relationship with a group of young people trough playing football regularly with them.

 We are grateful to see the church in the village of Perieti supporting this ministry in prayer and as a result these young people show a real interest in meeting up with us even when outside is really cold weather. 

Prayer requests

- be able to take these young people to different youth events

- to carry on the regular meetings with these youth

- for our own children protection

-for a new bus for the ministry in Oltenia


July 2017


This month we experienced trials, but we were also blessed by God.  I went through a physical crisis and I was hospitalized. Doctors diagnosed me with diabetes. It happened exactly in the week when my daughters were to be baptized. The youth group with whom I meet weekly for evangelism and discipleship would attend this event but because of my physical condition I could not bring them to the baptism in Draganesti-Olt. There are young people with many problems, some take drugs, others are treated with violence in their  family, and others quit going to school.

However, I was thankful that the doctors understood that it was an important event for me and they let me leave the hospital for 24 hours to participate at the baptism event. I thank God for His mercy and for all of you who have prayed for us!

With God on our side, we are more than conquerors!


Please pray for:

  • The Youth group
  • For those who have expressed their desire to be baptized
  • For my family protection and for all we need in ministry
  • For the spiritual and numerical growth of the church in Perieti

March 2017

We thank the Lord for all of you who support us
in prayer and we know that without you we
could’t do it so good. I had the joy this month to
be able to help neighbors, doing some
construction work in the name of the Lord, and I
could share with them the Gospel.

February 2017

We are so happy to see how God has answered our prayers and has blessed us.
We had a woman at our church who stopped coming to services because she
believed she could worship alone in her home. We were praying for her and this
month she returned to our church. God  answered our prayers and showed her
the importance of fellowship.

News from September

The month of september was a month of evangelism. I organized evangelistic events in two villages, Lisa and Greci. There were people who listened the Gospel. Pray that those who heard the Gospel to open their hearts. Also I visited our church members. I encouraged them to stay close to the Word of God and we prayed together...

Dedication of Ion Vlad –PIE/Romania missionary

“Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard
through the word about Christ”. - Romans 10:17

According to Paul's statement faith is heard through the word of God, the gospel. This is our motivation behind on eof our projects: A New Testament for Every House. Every time a village iscovered with New Testaments I feel that the Father is saying "Well done my servants."...