Extending the kingdom to Celei's neighborhood.jpg

One of the goals this year is to start a cell group in Celei”s neighborhood of Corabia. To this end, we are trying to mobilize as many Christians as possible to get involved with the spiritual gift that God puts in them through the Holy Spirit. Together with a group of 4 young people, we have had some activities that we have taken to reach our goal. One of the activitie was to visit some families that are open to the gospel and to talk about God's intervention in our lives today. After this,we offered to the women a hand-woven scarf from a few sisters from Netherlands.

Another activity was to provide a Christian newspaper with experience with God and to talk to all those people who are open. By dividing these papers, I reached a shop where the owner was outside talking to another man. When we gave the newspaper, his expression was, "I was waiting for so long this moment."

Prayer requests:

  • God to intervene miraculously and open the heart of those who have read this "Calea Domnului" newspaper to receive the salvation offered by the Lord.

  • God help us to help develop a relationship that brings salvation to his home.

Mircea Dumitru - PIEI Missionary