Spring in the town of Linden

What events we had:

As I said in my last  newsletter from March, I had some activities that I named "spring in the city of Linden". Two of our meetings were dedicated to young people. These young people grew up under our eyes. We still hoped that they would return to God and become messengers of a change who  comes through a relationship with God. At these meetings we presented two young people from the Bible, the young David who defeated Goliath in the name of God and the certain ruler who came to Christ to ask Him what to do to inherit eternal life. Our children, Damaris and Tobia, started as translators at these meetings. And the children had the opportunity to experience God's love.

Together with us were the team from Deer Park Charleston Baptist Church, USA who are our partners. Every year when they come to work with us, they bring some medicines supplies to the medical office from Berindei.

The visits to the unsaved people for the purpose of proclaiming the gospel were, in fact, the core of our activities. Together we visited five families for which we were praying to be part of our church by beeing born again.

Lately, I have been following a thought this year, "In the Christian community, the love of God also manifests itself through our simple gestures", in March I made a simple gesture by giving pizza to many people.

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Ionut Zamfir is a young man who grown up in a violent environment. When we wrere sharring  the gospel to those this his entourage, he was more withdrawn. He comes to our meetings. Our desire is to teach him what  means to be loved by God and also by God”s people.

What events will be:

In April, the Lord put on  on our hearts to open an Awana Club,to educate children from the  Scripture. And for this we will also participate at a time of equipping for Awana Club.

Pray that the Lord opens opportunities to get in touch with new children, and resources to rent a space for Awana's activities.

What is the effect on the community:

Thinking of everything that has been seen by sowing the word of God in abundance, strengthened relationships and the love of God was experienced by some from the city of Linden, Corabia.

Mircea Dumitru - PIEI Missionary