Motivating young people and not only

"........ And the boy Samuel grew in the presence of the  Lord."

                                                                                                     1 Samuel 2:21

What events were:


A few months ago, I heard an  interesting information, most of those who return to the Lord  took this decision when they were young. This information made me wonder what's going on with our young men from Corabia.  Together with a group of young people from Sebes Alba we met some young people who are attending to our small group meetings. Together we enjoyed the songs sung for the glory of God, one of the young people who came to the meeting at one moment  when a song ended, exclaimed "That”s all? I'd like to keep the song more." Then we brought together, before God, their dreams for the future.

Other beautiful moments in our ministry  were when we visited Mrs. Mihaela, who at the time of the visit was having a leg problem and had to stay in bed. This is the second time when we go to visit this family. The joy was so great that she said that after she will be healed she will  come to our worship meetings.

What events will come:

In March, it’s scheduled an event from 5th to 13th. We called it: spring in the town of Teilor, as it is called the town of Corabia. We want spiritual life to flourish as trees and flowers spring in spring. We will have visits, we will have meetings with young people and also an evangelistic event. Next to us there will be a group at the Deer Park Church in Charleston, USA.

Effect on the community:

Our city community had the opportunity to change their image of those they call negatively: the repentants. And they understand that we have something that they also need: a relationship with God.

Mircea Dumitru - PIEI Missionary