Bridges to the City

I have always had a kneading in my heart. How could I build bridges to the heart of the people from Corabia?

Together with a group of young people from SebeĊŸ-Alba, we reminded them about  the birth of Jesus Christ through  caroling  and a short greeting. This year we managed to go to our neighbors as well. Along with this group we sang carols to  a family  which we have been praying for two years and step by step we  have developed a closer relationship.The joy was  big when we visited the families from Tia Mare, every time  they received us with great openness.

This period is full of events where children receive gifts. We, with the help of God, have succeeded in bringing joy to the hearts of 35 children. Cornelia and I, when we were preparing the event, were so stressed that the place where we are now gathering is smaller than the one before and the children were full of energy. But for  our surprise everything was simple. Again we saw the intervention of God in our ministry.

What's next?

Evaluation and planning

We are expecting a new year of mission, and it is good to know what the situation is now, so there is a time in which we are doing the evaluation of the 2018 paper and we have a fast time, prayer and planning time for 2019.

This meeting will begin on 9 January and will end on 11 January

Pray for the Lord's light.

Effect in the community

This time opened several doors and strengthened the relations of the small group of believers with the people from Corabia.