Knowing God's will and the ministry


Many christians are discouraged on their walk with God  because they do not have a clear direction.

Which  were the events?

Serving God is the most extraordinary experience that a man can have. To be able to say that you are serving God and not serving yourself under the religious mask, you must know clearly which is  His will.

For this purpose, together with a group of brothers, we have gathered in fasting and prayer. At this time of seeking God's will, we managed to get to know each other better and plan a few events for 2019.

Listening to the testimonies of those present, once again I understood that God is using  in His ministry people who, in the past have experienced emotional and relational trauma. God heals and then sends them in mission.

One of the principles I understand about the mission is that people get the gospel message more easily from someone who has been involved in their lives. Based on  this principle, in January, we tried to serve the first time, and then we also share the gospel.

Our service consists in one monthly package with food. For one of the families that we are serving, we pray for many years to be saved. We have developed a relationship with them, and with  many occasions I have proclaimed the gospel. This time, talking about the past celebrations, the discussion went to the fact that I had the habit of fasting. And I had the opportunity to explain that we, as a family, want God to be involved in all the situations of our lives, fasting and praying is the way we ask the Lord to do so.

What events will come next?

By the grace of God, I have the responsibility of mentoring a student from the E2E equipment program. In February, I must help him to acknowledge his call from God. Pray for wisdom and light from God.

What effect did we had  in the community?

This month we again managed to develop relationships that allow us to proclaim the news of salvation through Christ.

Mircea Dumitru - PIEI Missionary