"It is good to have brothers working together"

"It is good to have brothers working together", it was my thought when, after a day of work, we were bringing back to Draganesti those from  the group of young people who worked with us in Corabia. Only love for God motivated us to manifest our love for children and adults.

   In the early part of the day, the children we wanted near God rejoiced with us again, listening to a Bible story and singing to the Lord. The situation of these children is difficult because of the place where they live and the mentality of their parents. A parent responded when I asked him what he thought would happen with the future of his child, "He will be just as poor and uneducated as we are." We try to help them explore the hope of a life lived with God.
   Then we visited brother Florea, who needs encouragement. This family opened doors to bring the gospel to many people in Tia Mare’s village. There are two families from that village who have great joy when we visit them, but our heart still hopes that they will return to God.


"It's good to work brothers together," especially when the one you work with is also dedicated to God. Together with brother Elijah, we walked on the street to share  the gospel. It was a blessed time, especially since we had the opportunity to talk to a group of men for whom I have been praying for a very long time. To my astonishment they listened to the message without contradicting us. Last year they said it was good, but no man from Corabia would come at the church. But in our discussion led by brother Elijah their attitude was different. The Lord continue the work in the heart of these men.

When we  visited for the first time this family we prayed for help. God was amazed by his involvement in helping this family. Brother Denis Holl has the same heart for this family. We managed to visit them again and prayed for them. And we continue to pray for the children from this family to start school, because none of them goes to school.

Because "It is good to work brothers together" we have visited several churches in order to mobilize christians to join God's obedience and the work he does in Corabia. It was my first experience like this, and Lord supported me both in the presentation and in my personal discussions.


You can get involved:

  • Introducing to other christians the need to have a mission team in Corabia
  • By praying that the Lord would bring out workers to His harvest.
  • Send encouragement messages to those who are already involved
  • Come and see what God does

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