Needs-oriented Evangelism

"Needs", but what kind of needs? When we talk about needs, we share them according to priorities. First of all, we need people to reconcile with God, then the need to understand that everything comes from His love and also the material needs of those  around us.


"Health" is the answer given by most people to the question: which is the most important thing in this life ?. Together with some young people, we visited a family that has no other solution to health problems than God's intervention. This family is also limited in the understanding of God, limited in physical health and also limited in faith. Because we could not enter in the house, we interceded to God for His mercy to intervene. My intercession at  God that the health that they receive from God  as a  response to prayer to be  used  to show to others that they are  true Christians. The family was encouraged by the fact that they are not alone in their troubles.


With the same group of young people, we also tried to serve the children’s group. We all know that today the real  family is being assaulted and they want to change the family as God made it. We have brought to the children's attention the creation and the fact that we didn’t show up ourselfs by random.



The family from the picture lives in a very poor room. Children are not going to school because they live far away from school.

First step that we did in their involvement was to give them  clothes and some food. Our goal is to help them to believe in God and start to go at school for those who are not too late.





Mrs. Delcea, is a close friend of my wife Cornelia. So many times she  listened  the  gospel shaerd in her house. Her husband  often tells her to remind us to pray for them becouse  they are  sinners and to be forgiven by God .

This month, in June, we invited her with us when we helped some poor families with clothes and food. She was very excited when she was invited to get involved in this action.

Our goal was to see God's mercy in action, in  other’s lifes. We hoped that her heart would be opened and reach salvation.



Opportunities for involvement:

  • Pray that God will work in  those’s hearts who have heard the gospel and have seen His love manifested through our actions. They to be saved.
  • Promotes in front of other Christians our need to have a team because the work is expanded and we are weak.