We make mission with the resources of God’ Kingdom

We make mission with the resources of God’ Kingdom.

In March we saw the motto we have "We work  for God with the resources of God’s Kingdom”

This year also God blessed us with the  brothers”s visit from  Deer Park Baptist Church. The brothers Bill, Bob and Henri were with my family  at my mother”s funeral. With  this occasion, the pastor of the Baptist Church from Vatra Dornei and my sister managed to know them. Brother Bill brought a short message, Bob’Henri  and Damaris, our girl had a song.

Together with Bob,we  brought the gospel's  message to the small group gathering in Constantin's house. We are praying that more and more people to come at to  this group and be saved. Until now, the Lord has encouraged us through all that is happening to this group.
And our little group of young people had the opportunity to hear Brother Bob's message and testimony.Brother Bob had a  great joy to work with those  young boys. The boys  were also pleased to talk with him. One of the young boy was through England and understood a little English, I encouraged him to talk in english with Bob. Pray for them to  understand the gospel and to be saved.

Many times when I was preachiing  the gospel and encouraging  people to read her Bible, they had two excuses. They have no bible and do not see well to read’ this means that  they need reading glassis. Then we gave them a Bible. But still they had the problem  with the glasses. We communicated this to brother Bill, and so we organized an event to offer a pair of glasses and something for oral hygiene. With those who came, I also had a short fellowship where  the gospel was preached.

It was a great joy when God opened us an opportunity to present the ministry that  He is doing through us in Corabia to a group of Latin American christians. We were encouraged by the testimony of one of them who said "he is surprised to see that we in Romania are working on the same principles as they do in America." This group was mediated by brother Michael Jordan, who manages the short-term groups of O.M.