Caring for Care

Caring for care

“....But whoever would be grea tamong you must be your servant.”

                                                                                                  Mark 10:43

For January, God has put on our heart to serve more those from our circle of influence.


With  the association "Hope for the Community’’s help we managed to serve two families with wood, two families from  Corabia. One of the families earns their living from  construction. Nea Marin is sick and old. In winter time he  can not work and that's why their only income was the social help provided by the town hall. In December they received the news that they will not receive this help anymore. Pray for this situation.

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The second family is suffering and all their income is spent with the necessary medication. So they can not afford to buy wood for the winter.

Throughout the years, God has helped us to develop a relationship with some Christians who have been involved at some point in our ministry from Corabia.

One of these people is Jemima, a young woman from Germany who was sensitized by God to help the kid”s ministry, but also to ease the situation of one family. We managed to buy food for this family.

The purpose of this ministry is that they to see the love of God.

I’ve  prayed for a long time that God to help me to recruit people for the mission ministry from  Corabia. Step by step that  God has put me in a situation of understanding that I lack the ability to manage a team.

In January, there were two occasions when the Lord taught me how to coordinate a team. One of the situations was when, for one week, I was at an equipment lecture about preaching.

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At these meetings there were many workshops in which he was appointed a leader for the four working groups. I've learned a lot about coordinating team by looking at how other teams have accomplished their tasks.

Pray that  the Lord of the harvest to bring out workers and prepare me for their coordination.