Full of Opportunities

The December was full of  opportunities to serve people from Corabia and arround..

Opportunities to talk about what God is doing.

Partnership is one of the  Hope Church value a value that we have also taken here  in our  church planting from  Corabia. That’s why we enjoyed the opportunity to present God’s work  in which we are involved and presented our mission with the goal to make  a partnership. During the presentation I saw that the brothers were touched  by the kid”s ministry  and my involvement in equipping the  missionaries who are working in Olt County. Pray that the Lord will work as He thinks it is needed.

Opportunities to Create Bridges to the Gospel


This year also we had the opportunity to strengthen relationships with those we know through the carols. Our goal is to proclaim the gospel and to be saved. This time, we were not alone. We enjoyed the young people from Sebeş and Cluj, organized by brother Vlad, who celebrated the birth of Jesus through their carols  singed together. The visit from the nursing home for old people from Corabia was amazed by the fact that the director of the nursing home immediately remembered us and we had the opening to bring some joy in  their hearts.

We  also caroled  the people from Tia-Mare . The people were very welcoming and they received us with such joy as we were family relatives that they have not seen for a long time. We started a discussion about God with one of the families. I will go to visit  them to talk more about God. Pray for the people from Tia-Mare, all the time they say that they do not have time to talk.

Opportunities to bring joy to children


Most of the children from  "Little  Explorers" group receive gifts once a year, for Christmas, when we give them gifts. And this year, with God”s help we had an event in collaboration with a team from O.M. Romania. The young men who were with brother Michael also presented a story about the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. Cornelia, together with the children, played  several carols for the youth from  O.M.Romania. In this way, the surprises were on both sides. The purpose of the event was to proclaim the gospel  again