The gospel is making changes

….but I and my house will be the servants of the Lord…..
— Joshua 24: 15


With God's help, we were able  to have evangelistic activities in one  vlillage called Celei , to make visits and socially involved.

Street Evangelism

We are thankful to God for the initiative of the group of missionaries who serve in the Hope Church of Draganesti Olt. After a time of prayer for the unsaved people in the city of Corabia, we went together in Celei  with the purpose of giving a New Testament and proclaiming the gospel. Although the weather was raining, I met some people to talk aboutthe Gospel. The intention is to open a group of Evangelism in the Celei district where people have the opportunity to return to God.

Visits to families

My wife Cornelia, together with a group of sisters from Comani, visited the Delcea’s family. This family is open to listening to the word of God. This gospel visit was an encouragement for both sisters and the family they visited. Pray for this family to believe in the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus and to reach salvation.

Social Involvement

We thank God for putting love in our hearts, and through the association "Hope for the Community" gave us the necessary resources. There is a difficult winter season, so the need for thick clothing and jackets is acute. We managed to give winter jackets to some people we know and in the life we also invest spiritually.

One lady is Nina’s neighbor, the woman who comes to the church. Our prayer is that Nina’s  neighbor, to be saved, so join us in prayer

What events will come?

This year also we have the opportunity to bring joy in the hearts of the children who are part of our work. With God’s help who put in brother Michael Jordan's heart to raise funds for gifts. This event will take place on December 19, 2018, in the place where we meet for worship

Pray that God intervenes with his powerful hand.


Through all these activities and events, the community has been exposed to the love and possibility of being changed through the gospel

Dumitru Mircea - PIEI Missionary