Two projects but the same goal



In August, together with a few young people from Romania, Germany and the USA, for one week we shared the gospel on the streets in Corabia. Every morning we had a beautiful time of prayer and rededication to God. It was very encouraging to see that two of our neighbors joined to us at this time. On this occasion, our relationship with them has become closer and we have an open door to share the gospel to them.

Each  team on the street had encouraging but also discouraging experiences. Being a team led by God, when some of us were rejected by men, they were praying for those who had conversations. In that way we were all part of the discussion even if we were at some distance for each other.

After a week of work on the street, it is time to have an evangelistic event in the building where we gather. God was kind and brought to this event people who have never been.

Work with children

Also in August we had one week of VBS with children. Usually, in other years, we had a bigger team to organize and make the VBS. This summer,we, as a family, were  the team. Each had his role and responsibility. It was a joy to work with our children.

We have to admit that God encouraged us by the number of children who participated, between 25 and 30, but also by the beautiful way how the activities took place. Every day Cornelia praised God with the children by  songs, I told them how God put Gideon as a judge in Israel, and our children organized the games together with the children.

Every year, in September, as we know, the school begins. Some children would like to go to school, but their parents do not have the opportunity to buy school supplies and school bags. In every September with  God ‘s help we tryed to cover this need. This year 10 children were helped with school bags and school supplies.

An interesting story about this project was when Cornelia was buying the school bags. In our  city, a Chinese family has opened a business. Cornelia buying a larger number of school bags the chinese lady  asked, becouse she was curious, why do we help these children?. Cornelia had the opportunity to tell them about Christianity.

Reasons for prayer

In November, the building we're gathering now will be sold. We'll move to another location. Pray that the Lord will provide additional resources for renting another locality. We currently have an option until spring to gather in another building by paying the amount of money we have. But from spring we will look for a more suitable location and the rental price will be higher, about 300 euro.

Pray for recruiting a team for the Corabia work.

Mircea Dumitru

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