July 2017

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, remembering what God did in July, I can say that the good hand of God was with us. Through us He has influenced children and adults.


After a long  period of planning, it was time for the first time to go  in a camp with the young people in Corabia. We were all excited, as young people as they were still wondering about the details of the camp and gleaming their eyes, on the other hand we as the team hoped the Lord would work hard in their hearts. When the day and the time of the leaving arrived, I found that only me and my family were able to go in that  camp. It was a camp where two goals were achieved: to study  English texts and also to  study texts from  Bible  in order for the participants to return to the Lord. The camp was organized by brother Doug Droll in Zimnicea, Teleorman County. My part was to help translate from English to Roamanian  language for a class. I had no ideea that  God prepared a surprise for me. Our daughter Damaris decided in that  camp  to follow the Lord Jesus. I”ve heard  about her decision about  after three weeks.

My great burden is the salvation of those people from  Corabia because last year I spoke with brother Michael Jordan, who is in O.M. to  gather a team to go on streets to  proclaim the Gospel. Great was the joy when 16 people expressed their willingness to get involved in the "Peace Houses" program. The idea of his project is to prayerfully cover the city, evangelize and identify houses of peace, where we continue to preach Christ. For four days, four teams went to the streets to confess Christ. The experiences on the ground were encouraging. More than one hundred people were confronted with the Gospel message and some were open. In that Friday we organized an evangelistic event in the place where we meet. Pastor Raul Costea preached. It was encouraging that 6 new people came to listen the message. One person is still in touch with us and comes to our meetings. Not only that, our neighbors have heard the gospel, and some are very open.

In the same time  with the "Peace Houses" project, Cornelia and Jemimma Katalina were involved in the "Little explorers" project. Every morning at 10 o'clock they met with the children for one week. One of the truths that children have taught is how to solve a problem without violence. It is important to them because they live in a context of violence. May the Lord continue to work in their hearts.

Pray for our children Damaris and Tiby to remain steady on the Lord's path. Also, the people who have heard the gospel to be released  from the shame and also pray for children that Cornelia invests to understand the importance of returning to God.